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    Taylor Monoplane

    The article really made me look closely at the Taylor. I'm 6'-1" and the 18" wide cockpit might be a tight squeeze.
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    Mini Spitfires....!!

    Scroll down and you see the date of July, 2004, which is probably the last time that page was updated. I don't think they ever got it off the ground. A shame, as it's a very accurate looking fuselage. Calling a product "new" after 5 years kills the credibility of an otherwise well-respected...
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    light miniature aircraft plans

    Light Miniature Aircraft Home Fred McCallum will be glad to sell you a fresh set of plans. There are two Yahoo groups: The "official" one LMA_builders : Light Miniature Aircraft Builders an "unofficial" one LMA_Builders_Group : LMA_Builders_Group I have a 100% size LMA J-3, complete...
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    Does anyone go to Russia to pick some 190's for free?

    Intriguing. Hard to imagine it would be left there for 64+ years, it must be worth a fortune.
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    X in the N Number

    April 2009 Kitplanes "Ask the DAR" article says all this. Since I'm building a J-3 replica, I can call it NX24VR and eliminate the "experimental" placard (but not, I assume, the passenger warning placard?). Now, when you call the tower, do you just say, "Experimental two four victor romeo"...
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    Post your Builder's Log website Here.

    Mine is
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    Mobile Phone GPS for Aeronautical use?

    I have a Pharos 600 GPS/phone. The screen is barely big enough to use in the car, let alone while flying. And the interface is pretty cumbersome and would be very distracting while flying.
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    Flying Prone ?

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    Header tanks scare me...

    Race cars do it. I used to have a link to the company that makes them, and they make them for aircraft too.
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    When does a VW make sense?

    Another aspect is availability - There always seem to be a handful of Continentals for sale, but you'll probably waste a bunch of time picking over duds before finding a good one. I've seen lots of A65s for sale between $1,800 and $3,000, and some for $6-7,000. A VW conversion is just a phone...
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    When does a VW make sense?

    At 220#, I don't think so.
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    When does a VW make sense?

    Ok, the answer is no. From Great Planes' website: Great Plains engines (when driven off the pulley end) are for use with wooden propellers only. Metal or composite propellers are not allowed.
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    Header tanks scare me...

    I've seriously considered a header tank for my plane, but I'd want at least 13 gallons, and with no pre-fab units available that fit, I'd have to fabricate one myself. Not something I want to do. Looks like I'll be getting a pair of Wag Aero 11.5 gal. tanks.
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    When does a VW make sense?

    Lots of good info here, thanks all. This idea sounds interesting: That's about J-3 speed anyway, and I don't want an electrical system. As for a "large low-pitch prop" maybe a three blade Warp Drive or Ivoprop in the wider blade models?
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    When does a VW make sense?

    I wish I could afford the Jab. I also like the 2300 RPM of the A65 vs. something like 3600 for the Jab. My ears will appreciate it!