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    Old Instruments wanted

    Sounds like some good ideas, thanks!
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    You can buy metric ply cheaply from Wick's.
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    drag wire tension

    FLyguy Have you thought of borrowing a set of tuning forks, once you know what pitch to set to adjusting the others is like tuning a guitar! Haven't tried it personaly but it's a thought. John
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    AerOplane CamOuflage

    Lozenge fabric was camouflage used in the first world war, there was night, day and marine varieties, also phsycodelic varieties too! John
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    Floats web link

    Just got this link from a fellow FLitzer builder on wooden floats, looked interesting: MUK TUK John
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    taylor monoplane plans

    You can still buy them new from the son of the designer here in the UK, about £70 I think. John
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    Mag Drop

    Adjust the points Russ, then reset timing. Good luck, hope it stays cheap, John
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    fueling away from home airport

    lesess I fly 2 strokes all the time and have to premix. To be really safe and sure of a perfect mix keep a clear marked botlle with screw cap for mixing. Ensure it is clearly marked in something that won't easily wash off to measure the oil into. a litre is ideal. Then work out how much fuel...
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    Hello, from the UK + lots of questions

    Moogle You need a load of money to build an RV, ask yourself all the questions about: what you need, what skills you have, what facilities you have, what type of storage you will have and how much money you have. Then you'll get a better idea of what is suitable for you, most go through several...
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    different plywood arrived?

    Finnish Ply is supplied to ACS/Wicks in 50" sheets, they cut it down then charge for it. Ask for it how it comes, pay less, get more material, thats what I do! John
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    All the above answers are wasting your time (well meant though). For a real vintage looking 2 seat Biplane, look at the Flitzer Z-2 Swalbe. A good info source is: Flitzer Sportflug Verein You will find all your dreams met with the Flitzer, support is first class which is the most important...
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    The primary function of lifting the nose is to reduce speed, lift it far enough the airflow break over the wing and the wing stalls. John
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    Rotax 912 & Carb Temp & Ice

    The UK supplier of Rotax engines also supplies a small neat electrical carb heater for these engines. It fits behind the carb I think and keeps the body warm rather than heat the intake air. John
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    Taildragger groudloop technique

    Orion You forgot the easiest way to perform ground-looping displays: Just try and manouvere a skeg equipped biplane with no brakes on a hard surface. Further enhancements can be made by having a lovely narrow track undercarriage/big wheels and close coupled! The artistary that can be performed...