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    Getting Out From Under the Wing?

    The 2 fellows were Dave Woodcock and I THINK Bob Hammer of ME262 fame. My partner and I flew to Washington to see the airplanes and Woodcock told us an amazing story. This was about 30 yrs ago but the major details of this tale remain very clear. When Woodcock got to run up spot on FIRST...
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    Low Cost Fabric Covering

    Panels made and covered but looking for some left over Polyfiber so this doesnt turn into a $300 test
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    What makes Cessna 172 so stable?

    Built a -3 almost 50yrs ago,160hp, built light, was #12 to fly, after 800 hrs never flew another RV that was close. JB
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    VP-21A Single Seat / Yankee Luciole

    RV-5 checks a lot of the boxes. Dave Carr( of 2 cyl vw fame) called a few months ago and the Five came up in the conversation. He loaned Van an engine for the plane and got to do most of the test flights, Nice flying airplane according to him. Prototype being restored by Van's...
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    For Sale 3 Amphibian Plans Sets

    I'll take the Osprey2 plans John B
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    Nikasil Cylinders

    SEVERAL yrs ago I contacted Scott to ask if he would consider making a set of Corvair cyls for my project. During conversation I noted that the platter was the key as even Porsche had had trouble with "nickies" He said his platter also did the platting for Mercury Marine, Good enough for me...
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    Patrick, if your printer still has the file just have him release them to who you designate , save you the time and shipping hassle. I would love a set. MIGHT build it. John B
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    Pultrusion party

    I'd likely be there
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Getting a K1 complicates your taxes a bit unless you already file a business return such as a sub S Corp or LLC but the unsuspecting taxpayer/Raptor investor HAS to declare his ownership every year or face a LARGE penalty for failure to do so. The form it goes on is also due one month...
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    Aircraft Grade Spruce "Market Survey"

    If you will post a length, width, thickness of each board I'll PM you an offer
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    Aircraft Grade Spruce "Market Survey"

    I would be interested in all of it
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    Chip is making progress with the Merlin Lite

    e. Powered Vehicles. A powered ultralight cannot be operated under Part 103 when it has an empty weight of 254 pounds or more; has a fuel capacity exceeding 5 U.S. gallons; is capable of more than 55 knots airspeed at full power in level flight; and has a power-off stall speed wlich exceeds...
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    Airplane plans inventory

    Prolly forgot some but here goes, Headwind Tailwind w8 Taylorbird Teenie2 T18 Wagabond Thurston Seafire RV3 701 750 Airbike KR1 Storch Legal Eagle (all 4 variants) Glasair1 Fisher Horizon Vision GlasGoose Volmer Sportsman Coot 293 Model Flea Bearhawk Buttercup Zippy Sport Mohawk Woody Pusher...
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    plans build amphibious aircraft

    I like that. Put a reversing propeller on the back, and amaze bystanders when docking / departing. I had Beta on my Seabee (IGO-480) and would back away from the gas pump, do a rolling 180 while moving to forward thrust and continue without stopping, ALWAYS got called a showoff at minimum. jb
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    F Storch

    Got a buddy that has one, complete except engine, but needs some tlc. He MIGHT sell it. PM me if interested. JB