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    Yet sill more on riveting.

    Another little trick to get two pieces of aluminum to fasten tight, is to make a small rubber doughnut just a little thicker than the amount of rivet sticking out, place it over the rivet where you form the shop head, push firmly with the bucking bar, and give it a few taps with the gun. The...
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    More on riveting

    I just finished riveting the tail-cone section of my Mustang II. One thing I keep noticing on more and more metal airplanes is the way the sheet metal has been dented by the force of the rivet gun, from the outside, on the curves of the fuselage. I just spent about four hours inside the...
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    Mustang II builder here.

    Reply to Capt. John Actually it's a long story, but, here's the Reader's Digest version of why I chose to build a Mustang II. (It's got to be those tapered wings!) After receiving my PPL, a friend I work with offered a set of plans to me for next to nothing for the Mustang (that he wasn't...
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    Mustang II builder here.

    Hi everyone. I live in the middle Tennessee area just south of Nashville. I just past the 1000 hour mark in the construction of my Bushby Mustang II project. Although I really look forward to the end result, I've turned the whole building project into a hobby. Most enjoyable. I just finished...
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    Okume Plywood

    Plywood I have used okume plywood exclusively in building inboard hydroplanes over the past 20 years. Best stuff I've ever used. Light and strong. Expensive too! It's been used in boat building for years. You may want to check Woodboat magazine as an additional resource. I made all my...