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    Teaching Kids, how to fly

    There is no license or age limit for U/L . I have given lessons to 10 year olds and they were logged. The one is now in his 40,s Is an CEO has an ATP and flies his cabin Waco most every day .
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    Plastic jerry can for fuel tank
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    Lil' Hopper Leagle Eagle Complete

    I really like the sound of it,That one says garbage garbage garbage . The Rotax's that I have seen don't have that raidel sound. And nice looking airplane too.
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    The flaps were down when the people were attaching floating rafts ect. What a wast. They could have gown to a bigger lake and saved a lot of pain.
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    Congrats Peter

    Very nice flyer, impressive simple airplane. It looked like a good climb angle it may not go any faster with more power or more pitch in the prop. You can get a good idea of how fast it will fly. You find your best power off glide speed. Then see what power it takes to hold level flight with...
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    Definition of an "engine-driven electrical system"?
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    Definition of an "engine-driven electrical system"?

    The Dawn Patrol bunch flew Small scale Newport 17s with VW engines. They had chainsaw engines for starters. It looked like it worked pretty good.
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    Comment by 'Joe Fisher' in media 'DSC00661'

    It is so nice to go fly my Cub now that the weather is warmer.
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    Move to Xenforo

    I am confused I thought I could not log in. Now it says Login To Your Account-- Sign In And Check Your Emails----- Login Easier---- OPEN. But I seem to be loged in. I don't get it.
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    Thoughts on a new biplane design?

    I like this one I would paint mine with a red...
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    SkyBeacon ADS-B - Quick and Easy

    But you still have to have a transponder and encoder pretty useless.
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    Cabin Heat, Water Cooled Engines - Which Way is Best and Why?

    This is the kit that came from Rans. It has a Rotax 912 .It is behind the seats. I only had it in the summer time. It seemed to put out a lot of heat. The fan seemed to be a computer cooling fan,it seemed to put out a lot of volume. You can see the control valve under the little radiator there...
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    Wind mills

    The old link dose not work but this one seems to. These will be 607 feet tall they are...
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    Wind mills

    Up date You can expand this map. My place is in the middle of the map on the south side of...
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