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  • Elegant solution Jake. And welcome home!!! Is HomebuiltAirplanes your creation? Great job. It is incredible how much I have learned so much here.
    Jake, Got the book, pretty cool. Hope you are having fun with the glider flights. Yogi
    Jman , Is there a way without looking at everybody's profile to see what country they are from? I'm trying to research the plane I'm building and it's a French design. Yogi
    hi jman , this is Dhananjay from india
    i woulk like to make friendship with you.
    Hi all,
    I am working for a own Flying Car. Any body can help with design and development? Please mail me to aktar2972@yahoo.com.

    No problem Seb. I got to looking at it and realized there was not enough. I'm paying a good amount for space so we might as well use it! It's good to be back, if only for a couple of weeks. I'm scheduled to go back in a few days to finish out my tour.

    Thanks for adding more space for private messages, I had a big mess there.
    Nice to see you back.


    I decided to not go with the Piet for now, although I still have the plans and look forward to building it someday. Instead I am building a CH-801. I'll complete the rudder tomorrow and then move on to the Horizontal Stabilizer. Not too far along really. I'm down in Savannah, GA but in less than 3 months I'll be in Afghanistan.
    I'll take a look and get back to you. I just got back from a LONG day and I'm hitting the rack. I'll take a look tomorrow and let you know.

    Sorry I haven't responded to your last post on the corrosion thread. It's great info I just need to devote some time.
    Hi Jake, How goes the project?

    I was wondering, what's the callout on fuselage and wing skin thicknesses for your 801?

    G'day and hope you had a relaxing and family-filled Christmas.

    Question: I'm sure I created a Builders Log thread the other day, but I've just been into HBA to begin entering some items, and can't find it. Weird. I could have been suffereing from an overdose of Christmas Spirit, of course, but I thought I created the thread.

    It doesn't turn up in a search for RTFM posts. I don't want to duplicate a thread which already exists. Could you take a look when you get a chance?

    I'm off now to continue building the fuse, and to take a few more photos...

    I like the new layout, but for some reason when I come to the site, and then click on "new posts" it gives me the '2 second wait between searches' warning, which is annoying.
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