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    Loehle P-40 project progress

    Great The Loehle Co ino more and Mike Loehle has disappeared. I have had no luck finding anyone who has even flown this aircraft. I'd buy one in a heart beat but the 80 plus or minus cruise speed is a real no go. Does anyone know if this speed is due to structural issues or the Loehle Co fear...
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    Plans, kits, licensing, IP....

    First off Sonex is on borrowed time. Their CEO has no business experience. His previous experience was photography. 2nd their customer service representative has absolutely no knowledge of their products. I called and asked for the distance from the front landing wheel to the propeller hub and...
  3. J

    Jurca P-40 plans

    I will buy them, if still avaluable
  4. J

    Jurca P-40 plans

    do you still have the plans for the Jurca?
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    Jurca MJ9 or 3/4 scale ME109

    Anyone kow where I can find Jurca's 3/4 P-51 Plans??