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    Senate Takes Up Legislation To Hold 5G Network Builder Accountable

    I smell a big payout from the American taxpayer to either the airlines, telecom companies, or both.
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    VW Heads Designed for Aircraft- Poll

    I always thought the Great Plains water cooled heads were modified VW Wasserboxer heads…
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    YAWP (Yet Another Weird Plane)

    The Molt Taylor Mini-Imp is similarly strange.
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    I finally became a pilot, and now I'm completely confused about my future build.

    This is a great option for you. It needs a VW for power (maybe a Jabiru), but has great performance.
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    Static Thrust Number?

    What plane is this?
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    AeroVee 100 HPTurbo

    I like the turbo idea....and I like a lot of things about the way the Sonex/Aerovee folks do things. It think offering a complete kit for those builders who want that is a really great thing. I don't like the way AeroConversions simply ignores better ideas, and generally has an arrogant...
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    AeroVee 100 HPTurbo

    So, it’s been a while now, almost 5 years, how is the Aerovee Turbo holding up, and how many hours are on it? Any problems?
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    2180 heads

    Also, look at Jeff Lange's solutions to cooling his Sonerai I race plane. he makes his own "cool tin" baffles, looks like they would control the air very well around the cylinders getting the most out of it for cooling. Part 1 Part 2...
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    2180 heads

    I must bring up the fact that the baffling for the Sonex changed sometime about 2007 or so, so make sure you get the updated laser cut fence baffling. The earlier baffling was not a fence style as I remember, but a box baffle type that only cooled the cylinders and the combustion chamber fin...
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    Porsche 678 1 65hp

    This reminds me of the Mini Imp by Molt Taylor I believe??
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    Testing Electric Propulsion Unit For a Light Airplane

    I like the video!! I used to work in a electric vehicle propulsion laboratory in the late 1990's. We ran a Formula Lightning racing car for IUPUI, a university in Indianapolis, IN. We worked closely with Delco on some of the early GM Impact inverters and drivetrains, had a chassis dyno for...
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    Crankshaft Failures

    I read the story about the crank failure on the Thatcher group you posted. I hate to see this kind of failure involving the Force One, because it has a great reputation. As long as it is INSTALLED CORRECTLY it has proven reliable with the GPASC "Top Bug" crankshaft. Something I want to point...
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    Crankshaft Failures

    The longest stroke stock in a type 1 VW was 69mm. The Wasserboxer had two different cranks, both beautiful forged pieces, one in 69mm from the 1.9 (1915) and the other a 76mm from the 2.1 (2110). They can be used in a type 1 case if you have the case machined for the type 4/Wasserboxer #1 main...
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    Flywheel drive: 4 pin or 8 pin?

    Is Great Plains on it's way out? Or just battling the changes over the last few years?
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    Flywheel drive: 4 pin or 8 pin?

    A great book about blueprinting an engine is...