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Grew up in Michigan with Ford, Chrysler and GM. Mechanical engineer (MSME U of M ‘67) and retired commercial UAL pilot, ATP/CFI. Worked on turbine and Diesel engine development, Boeing customer service, propulsion and flight test. Studied and taught at University of Illinois and Embry Riddle University and enjoyed numerous other miscellaneous aviation endeavors.

Engineer and pilot/CFI interested in Light Individual Transport Operations (LITO), anything from bicycles and motorcycles to ultralights and pogo sticks and many things in between. Lightest objects flown are 35 pound paragliders and hang gliders. Heaviest objects flown are B-747 MTGW 980,000 pounds.
Sahuarita Arizona, Renton Washington, USA
Current / Future projects
Roadable and off roadable individual transportation. Engine/power train/propulsion development. Compact and convient folding aircraft. Alternate stability and control systems. Control wing/free wing/fan wing/vortex lift projects.
Past Projects
Model configuration tests. Flex wing design and manufacture. Amateur build and production aircraft maintenance, experimental modification and flight test.


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