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Jean Crous
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Nov 24, 2019
May 5, 2012
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Jean Crous

Active Member, from Barrydale Western Cape South Africa.

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Nov 24, 2019
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    Barrydale Western Cape South Africa.
    Current / Future projects:
    Sonerai 11 , Challenger 11 LSS , Evans VP 11 , Cubby(Copy of Piper Cub in South Africa) , Bushbaby( South African copy of Kitfox) , Savannah
    Past Projects:
    Bushbaby, Kitfox , Mohawk , Challenger , Thunderbird , Koala , VP 1 , Rans S7 s , Motorfalke SF25 , Jora
    I am a tree surgeon by trade, started flying in 1996, bought an aircraft off a photograph (big mistake) stripped and rebuilt the aircraft. Started working on experimental aircraft, got into kit building. I have a full-on kit aircraft building facility 250 km east of Cape Town South Africa.

    Flying and building aircraft.
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