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    No reply till now unfortunately.
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    Verhees Delta plan review

    Sharing some pictures od yours builds will be highly appreciated.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    I would be interested in Minicoupe plans, also Davis DA2 and DA5 will be highly appreciated. Even Electronic versions. For studying purposes only. Seems sources doesnt work anymore. Please pm.
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    Ron Dixon and the Minicoupe

    Does anybody know if Mr. Dixon still shelling plans? I sent an email and He didt replied yet.
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    Colombian Storch is Pazmany design?
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    There's a new V12 coming ;-)
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    Somehow, esthetics... Comes in the way.
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    Still waiting for Mr. Dixon reply with banking details. I wonder, are there any other alloy plans for single seat low wing scratch build available? I know and like work of Leeon Davis. But, some other plans?
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    Can you please elaborate whats wrong with nosewheel assembly please?
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    I did found that, I allready did sent email to Mr. Dixon. Waitin for his reply. Thanks for your help. Still Wonder about width of firewall, IT seems radial Verner 5 should fit well on that aparatus.
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    Back to minicoupe please. Trying to reincarnate thread. Does anybody know width of firewall please? Do plans have full size patterns or rather list of offsets?