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    Who supplies instruments XIH4.0018

    My (Hungarian built) 912-powered plane uses instruments like XIH4.0018 (CHT), XIH4.0010 (oil temp) XIE4.007 (oil pressure) I should now like to add a CHT gauge and of course I want it to be identical to the one already present. I can find only one importer/distributor, that is German company...
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    new to this need ideas.

    Cheese us, your writing does take some deciphering! Why do you write "tale" where you seem to mean "tail"? To confuse the enemy, perhaps?
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    Bonding Dacron to Aluminium

    I have a factory built machine* with alu wing ribs covered in Dacron (or Ceconite , isn't that another trade mark for essentially the same stuff?). On the port root rib, the dacron is getting loose from the alu and I wonder how to fix it.** I have some little experience in epoxy work so my...
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    Rotax 912ULS fuel system question

    @HitC: there might well be something to be said for your point re the electrical fuel pump. I never thought of that, as my own has none and doesn't need one either, the fuel being carried in the high wing and delivered with remarkable reliability thanks to the force we call gravity.
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    Rotax 912ULS fuel system question

    This has recently been a hot topic among German microlighters. The return line to the tank has been made mandatory by Rotax only a couple of months ago, and one German microlight factory has made its addition a mandatory modification to their (quite popular) design. If you have some German, you...
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    suppose that should read "their purpose" ? suppose that should read "battery contactor" ? That said, anything containing a coil (which includes solenoids and electrical motors) will produce solid spikes on the supply line when activated and also when desactivated. Diodes across the terminals...
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    Shock-reducing foam fo the seats / back rests

    Dynafoam is the name that was buried too deep in my memory. Thanks for all replies!
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    Shock-reducing foam fo the seats / back rests

    I seem to remember the commercial availability of special foam for covering aeroplane seats and backrests, that much absorb the shock energy and thus reduce the risk for damage to the spine (and other parts) in case of collision/crash. Only I can't remember the name, nor do I seem to use the...
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    European ULM like a Piper in wood (new design)

    DangerZone's question is important: what engine will you be using? Some advocate designing the plane "around the engine". PS and don't apologise about (the quality of) your English, there is much worse around here.
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    Hi. Indie Filmmaker here

    though one must admit, some very few are about woman carrying
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    Wood vs. metal in Europe

    All that may be very true - the Belgian homebuilt register is surprisingly limited, and there's a reason for that, or perhaps several - but this thread is about choice of materials. Even then, some countries have severe limitations on registering "Annex II" aircraft. Germany never allowed them...
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    Wood vs. metal in Europe

    It differs from country to country. The one country with a solid tradition of homebuilt aircraft is France, and wood is much used there. Remember the Jodels, Pou du Ciel, the Junqua Ibis canard, and many more. UK has a lot of home-builts too, I think there is more aluminium in use there, with a...
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    Buying 6061 sheet on

    Certainly one can get high quality products from China, there can be no argument there. What I wanted to point out is (putting it as politely as I can) that Chinese culture seems to have a looser interpretation than most people expect of type numbers, specifications, and norms. It is known for a...
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    Buying 6061 sheet on

    And there's a wonderful kind of wood available from China, they call it bamboo ;)
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    Buying 6061 sheet on

    Hm. Perhaps not a good comparison, but the world of electronics is full of warnings about components from China marked 2N3055 or LM317 or MJ15003 that fail to meet specs very much. While I agree we should not generalise, the practice seems to be widespread. Have you analysed/tested the 4130?