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    Inside the Spitfire Factory

    Cool! Thank you for posting
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    Geshwender PSRU Business

    Outstanding! Good work :) Justin
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    Geshwender PSRU Business

    I tried to get ahold of him about the business, to no avail. If you hear anything or if anyone here knows him please put us in touch. There is a company making a PSRU using a Hyvo chain but they don't sell it separately and don't mention if it was the Geschwender design. Justin
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    Aerobatics in a Cessna L19

    Thank you for the input everyone. Justin
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    Aerobatics in a Cessna L19

    Hello, Is there anyone who has substantive knowledge on the suitability of a Cessna L19 / O-1 for aerobatics? I'm considering purchasing one and the seller thinks it can be and it does have a g-meter. This is one of the type that was discovered in a crate and "built" about 15 years ago...
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    Welcome! Sounds like a great use of time. This is a great forum for plane lovers. Justin
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    Wanted: Bruce Carmichael Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book

    @drgondog I did pick that one one up recently. I'm partway through, it's quite technical so sometimes it's easier for me to start with the layman stuff then go to the equations next. @Map I'll take the Strojnik book and pm you for your info Thank you everyone! I'd still like to get the...
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    Wanted: Bruce Carmichael Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book

    oh ok thanks for the heads up! Justin
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    Wanted: Bruce Carmichael Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book

    Thank you, yes I'd love that one as well if anyone has it for a reasonable price. Justin
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    Wanted: Bruce Carmichael Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book

    Hello Everyone, I'm looking for Bruce Carmichael's "Personal Aircraft Drag Reduction Book". Anyone have one they want to sell? I'll take the Hollman books too if anyone has them around. Thank you, Justin
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    identify wheels used on Supermarine replica Spitfire

    The assem manual I have sure makes it look like a custom rim that comes apart in halves but I don't have the specific landing gear section. Justin
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    What's up at Bede Aircraft?

    Can you provide a source for that? Might be interesting reading. Justin
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    Tracy Crook, Martin Hollmann & other books

    I'll get in line for the Hollman books in case Charlie passes, thank you! Justin
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    Wanted to purchase: Fluid Dynamic Drag- Hoerner

    For future people and general info, I ordered the book from the website and it arrived quickly. Looks like they're still going. It's hardcover and the text is clear and easily readable. Justin
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    Merlin quarter scale

    whoah that is cool!