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    Internal aileron linkage

    Not much runway required for this bird...
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    best 100 HP auto/motorcycle engine conversion?

    I purchased a pair of Honda 750VFR engines a few years ago. They use gear driven dual overhead cams. I had thought about installing them in either a hovercraft or one of my aircraft projects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Honda_VFR750F
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    Internal aileron linkage

    I purchased plans for the CH701 and CH750 aircraft. They use flaperons. http://www.zenithair.com/stolch701/data/7-C-0.pdf http://www.zenithair.com/stolch701/data/control-flaperon2.pdf
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    P-51 Mustang Replica Tehnical Question

    I've seen one of these in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. If I look back thru my personal photos, I might find a photo of the owner. http://www.calgaryherald.com/life/Gallery+World+bomber+fighters+arrive+Calgary/7135685/story.html
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    How to Make (or Buy) Plexiglas Covers for Wingtip Lights

    Belovac have some good videos on YouTube - for vacuum forming basics. https://www.youtube.com/user/BelovacIndustries/videos
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    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    Some military aircraft are using props at high altitude. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tupolev_Tu-95
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    How Do You Even Pilot a 450 MPH RC Plane?

    I'm curious if anyone has ever attempted to pilot a real aircraft using dynamic soaring? The radio controlled glider community has reached speeds of 545 mph with no engines.
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    Celera 500L (was: More Vaporware)

    No sound, but here's the teaser video. https://www.ottoaviation.com/opportunities
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    The Future of Air Travel

    Have you ever wondered what the future of airline travel would look like? Here are a few examples of what could take place in the not so distant future.
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    You thought amateur drones were dangerous, what about the jetpacks?

    I had a quick look on Live Flight Tracker - Real-Time Flight Tracker Map | Flightradar24 I went back to the date and time of the incident to see the flight track. This was the plane that was involved in this incident. AA1997 Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines A321 (N153AN)...
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    Design choices from scratch

    Here's my two cents... https://www.mini-imp.com/taylor_paper_glass_(tpg).htm https://www.mini-imp.com/news.htm
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    You thought amateur drones were dangerous, what about the jetpacks?

    I didn't realize that 'JetPack Aviation' was located near LAX. JetPack Aviation
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    I was in the market for a recreational STOL aircraft. I bought the factory plans for the CH701 and CH750. The following youtube videos are what inspired me in my choice. I wanted to scratch build both the engine and airframe. A tall order. I researched a lot of engines and thought a turbine...
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    Builder in Toronto Canada CH-640 and Bearhawk5

    I bought the factory plans for the CH701 and CH750. - What sort of tips are you looking for? - If it's not sold anymore, I'm assuming that you are scratch building? - Have you bought any materials yet? I've found a good supplier in Canada. My background is flight simulation. (37 years in the...
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    You thought amateur drones were dangerous, what about the jetpacks?

    Jet Pack flying is within the reach of some individuals. https://gravity.co/