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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    I like the relatively good ergonomics of the seat. Some seats for ultralights require the knees to be bent way up (with the feet just slightly forward of the knees, though lower), and focus almost all of the weight onto a very small portion of the victim's posterior which, even with padding, can...
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    Eviation Alice

    No. A King Air 350 can be flown by a single pilot if he/she has a single pilot type rating for the aircraft. The 350 can hold 11 pax in the main cabin but usually has seats for only 8 or 9.
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    Tail boom propeller

    The Kallithea is one of their complete gyroplanes for sale. I don't think they offer kits. Obviously great visibility. A few years ago a company in Switzerland modified one for VTOL (using 16 motors and props for lift). They called it the passenger drone. That project was sold and became the...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Post #659 contained a reference to it. I was impressed with the 1930s concept. Very low drag. But I'm not enamored with the idea of driveshafts routed so close to the cockpit. The only one that actually flew was the one you referenced. That was 80 years or so after the original design. Seemed...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Amazing design from the 1930s. Too bad the replica crashed. Sad loss.
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    Mysterious Issue Is Causing Paint To Peel Off Of Airbus A35o's

    Some other airlines will probably be using them for another decade or two. But Qatar Airways' chief Akbar Al Baker stated in an interview a few months back that buying the A380 was probably their biggest mistake. Passengers love it for its spaciousness and quietness, but Qatar's strategy differs...
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    Electric Four Seat

    I used to think wind turbines were a good way to harness wind power to generate electricity, but apparently the designers and builders of the things never expected them to be installed in places where winter might happen. In February this year in the Rio Grande Valley of southern Texas there...
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    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Yes, John, you had it right all along.
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    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Right. Because everyone can afford a helicopter and rotary wing pilot training. Everyone should have to choose between an airplane that needs a thousand-foot or longer runway, or a helicopter. If anyone uses their own money to develop a STOL airplane he’s just wasting everyone else’s time. The...
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    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Irwin’s Merlin Lite has the motors hidden in the wing (low drag) and the props, one in each wing, operate in slots in the wings to pull air across part of the wings near the tip to augment lift for TOL. Even the smallest diesel or whatever engine wouldn’t fit there and would be far too heavy...
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    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Languages, cultures, and world history fascinate me. But at the risk of too much thread drift, I'll get back to the original topic. Back in the late 1800s and part of the early 1900s, electric cars were a little more popular in some towns because they were easier to operate. Sure they had very...
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    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Indeed. If something is fast, it could be moving rapidly or stuck firmly. To cleave can mean to stick together or cut in half. Sanction can mean to authorize something, or a measure prohibiting it. When the moon is out it's shining. When a landing light is out, it's not shining. And, as you...
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    A Colorado Firm Claims It Can Triple the Power of Electric Engines

    Thank you. Although people often conflate word pairs that are not synonyms, sometimes for fun or effect, it's more pleasant and aids communication when the words are used correctly for specific meanings (though that can vary between regions and countries). In most cases engines burn fuel to...
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    Crashes in the News - Thread

    Drawing with load-path arrows, please. 😁
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    Concepts only: Doodles without numbers

    What software did you use? Looks good.