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    Princeton Sailwing

    The tail just came out of the printer today. The different colors are due to different resins used - the dark blue is v1 of Formlabs Tough (ABS-like) resin, the lighter green is v3. The tail had to be split to fit into the print area. The spots all over the surface are support marks that I...
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    Princeton Sailwing

    Just the aileron, though this does provide for some interesting flap concepts. Getting the tip to move is a lot harder than moving the root, so I'm testing to see if the latter can perform the function. Once that's done I can try and get the tip to move, but I don't know a simple mechanical...
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    Princeton Sailwing

    For those that are interested, here's the scale R/C model I'm building to test the concept with an actuating wing root:
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    Synergy Aircraft

    To defend them here, it would be counterproductive to promise these dates. If they do and they miss them, then it calls the project into question, and it adds a lot of pressure and risk for no reward for them. It's not like we're investors and their success depends on pleasing us. It makes sense...
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    3D printed jet engines.

    Just want to throw this out there - Formlabs Form 2 ($3,500) can print in High Temp, which has an HDT of 289 °C @ 0.45 MPa. Might actually make these viable/safe for extended use.
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    Any ornithologists here?

    Maybe you could mimic bird flight with air-filled bladders under a flexible skin? That would give you at least some of the shape changing ability for low-speed applications.
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    Unlimited Racer on Barnstormers

    Seems like they built it then got scared of flying it. I would too, that thing looks insane. They should wire it up with some servo motors and fly it like a big RC plane for the first test flight.
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    Solidworks EAA Maker Edition

    Same. If it were free I would definitely renew my EAA subscription.
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    Princeton Sailwing

    Hey Dick! Thanks for the suggestions. :) I had forgotten about the root rib, I was hoping to do away with it since it was scale. I've taken a look at the PeeWee, but unfortunately the author never goes into detail on the way the wing fabric mounts. I'm thinking now that a sock with a zipper on...
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    Princeton Sailwing

    I know this is a super old thread but I've been fascinated by this planform for a long time. I've been trying to build a scale model to test out some ideas, but I have no way of attaching the wing to the fuselage, and was wondering if anyone had any ideas or thoughts concerning this problem...
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon%27s_razor "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by carelessness"
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    Probably just incompetent. Like someone said earlier in the thread: they were determined to make the best dang airplane they could. Problem is once they got everything set up, they found it was more expensive than they thought. Production problems occur in every project, and they had a lot of...
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    I don't think the Icon is a scam, and I don't think it was ever intended to be. The more realistic (and less sexy) option is that they low-balled the estimate and when all was said and done they realized they were in over their heads and had to raise the price.
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    Icon A5 Update - No Deliveries!?!

    Just wanted to point this out: the data collection thing is not that big of a deal. In many ways it can be used to track the health of the product and improve service over time. It can also be used to expand the capabilities of your product. You could have an automatic flight time...
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    NASA Prandtl-D Project - Yaw is propulsive, not drag --- Has Anyone Followed This?

    Re: NASA Prandtl-D Project - Yaw is propulsive, not drag --- Has Anyone Followed This So correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that if they lay the winglet flat and then move the control surface out to the tip of the winglet, then yaw somehow becomes propulsive? Can anyone explain to...