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Inverted Vantage

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  • Duck Huh? Well I can say I knew the person who built the plane who was also a veteran and by the way was my late Father.
    Hi Jordan, I might be interested in your 3D services. I currently work in SketchUp Pro and am designing a newer type of aircraft in composites. Eventually I would like to go directly from drawing to N/C code to a router which would cut out a male pattern for a mold. Have you done anything CAD/CAM like that? I have a friend doing that at this site: ALGIE COMPOSITE AIRCRAFT He also has a Yahoo group: Algie Composite Aircraft So eventually I have to pick the appropriate drawing/modeling package. But I may just want some concept development to start. I like SU Pro because I can use it to easily animate flap movement, etc. Where are you located? You can email me directly at [email protected] Blue skies, Tom
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