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    Beaujon Ultralights

    16 hp V twin 4 stroke with a direct drive 42 " prop . Very nice !
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    16 ft UL Geobat

    I sent an email to ya . What site ? the Pig page I linked to ? If so It's not my creation . Mike Sandlin is the owner of that site .All those aricraft are his designs . I'll be working the evening shift all week so I may be slow in responding. Turkey sandwich on the go will...
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    In memory of Mark

    I would like to start this thread for Ideas on making a Decal or sticker we could donate to, with all money going towards Marks family , That we could place on our Birds , or cars or workshop doors. ..where ever approate . We recently had a co worker go...
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    Mark's new design

    This is only my guess about it just looking at the photo , But here goes . And in writing this , I wonder How Mark would feel about his last flight being shown here if vid surfaced ? Can't say I would want to see it . Deltas , Pilot weight way up front , Stall out , instant Nose down , Into a...
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    Mark Stull

    Woa . I'm in the same cockpit fellas . ...That big empty feeling we all dread . I never met you personaly Mark , But somehow your typed words put you across the table from me .. Thank you for your insights , cautions and inventive spirit . You have wings now that...
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    Flying Ladders?

    Depends on span. But for a "normal" UL wing length and By itself ? , no . You will need fly wires , or "guy" wires Just as a tall tower needs Guy wires or a hang glider . Or maybe wing Struts .
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    Ag-PIG 194

    Me ? I'm SW Missouri . Sandlins climb rate was at 290 something . Not bad , But he weighs next to nothing a well . I'm trying to up the performance / safety using a V twin and a 64 inch prop . And a nose wheel too. :gig: If I do this right And make a Main frame for the motor, gas tank and...
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    Ag-PIG 194

    bloop Its flying with Ok results so far with a 2 stroke .
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    Flying Ladders?

    I bought a 40 footer for 100 bucks . Its made by Werner rated for 250 lbs.
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    You tell me???

    Yeah. heres an idea, Get a powered paraglider and a trike , and go have FUN! Weeeee! Got to fly one this weekend and it is GRATE! . I'm hooked ! Not wait'n here. If you call my cell and I dont answer, it's cause I'm flying !
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    Re: Stan40353's "Challenge to you all"

    custom pulleys, sheaves, and sprockets from Motion Systems, Inc. Or maybe talk to this guy Falcon 4 Stroke PPG, Home Page
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    Re: Stan40353's "Challenge to you all"

    Depends on the metal used , And the method of welding . If its 4130 and Mig or Tig-ed it certainly Will need more heat treat work . If Not ,The cracks will appear in the parent metal just before or after the weld every time . The welds will be fine though. The tube cracks ! And this is...
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    Re: Stan40353's "Challenge to you all"

    Dont think you really want to direct drive a prop off a crank shaft on these motors . . As they are not designed for direct push or pull forces a prop generates . They are designed for the side loading of belts or chains , .In Direct drive such as PTO drive shaft, these is still no push or pull...
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    Re: Stan40353's "Challenge to you all"

    Pauls ,What is your frame member joining method with 4130 ? If you have the skill to oxy-acetylene weld And are good at tubing notching / fitting, you could have good welds, with no other process needing to be done . If you MIG or TIG , there are other steps in heat treating to normalize the...
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    This might be the COOLEST thing I've ever seen

    Yeah Jet lev is cool But its very loud ! The sea glider is quiet and used No gas , you could fly all day in the air as long as the wind held up.