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    My youngest daughter, who will be 19 this year, is named Dainelle. However, back at Yokota AB in 2000, Marks little dughter couldn't say "Dani". Now she could say "Dano", and that is what I have called my youngest daughter since.
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    Wow--small world!! CZ and I were neighbors when we were both station at Yokota. To all--thanks for the welcome! The website looks like a great resource.
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    I seem to be getting drawn into the idea of building a T-51. We'll see................... I was a USAF pilot from 1983 to 2007. Flew C-130s, T-38s, T-1s. My last USAF flight was Dec 2004 and my last tour was a non-flying tour. After I retired from the USAF I went to work full time for a...