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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    I saw the one George Morse built, it was beautiful, had a Rover V8 in it. I think George also designed it, he was from Watsonville Calif.
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    Plans/Kits for aircraft like the Monocoupe 90

    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser <tempusfugit02@gmail.com> he has plans
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    We did a Bonanza S35 conversion some years ago in San Jose. I recall the engine was a Cont 0470, we replaced it with a Cont 520B2B turbo engine. Got it all hooked up, called the FSDO, for an inspection. We had a test plan all sorted out, monitor EGT's CHT's, TIT's, fuel flow etc for a period...
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    How to answer questions for a medical!

    You can always consult an AME with the intention of seeing if you can qualify for a medical. You are not applying for a medical, you are applying to see if you can pass one or not. If you pass the application to see if you qualify, then you ask the AME to provide the medical. If you dont pass...
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    Fabric repair over latex paint

    Yes, cotton will just soak up any liquid. The paint stripper I used was from an automotive paint supplier, and was the strongest stripper they had - for stripping 2 pot epoxy. It worked extremely well, but softened the glue a little bit. The tapes shrunk to the point I replaced all of them. I...
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    Fabric repair over latex paint

    Not quite so. I had a Luscombe covered with Ceconite 7600 Blue River system. The first water based system. It had a grey rubbery primer that I just couldn't get off, even with sanding. The other issue was the fabric was a bit loose. I poured paint stripper over the entire wing. It shrunk the...
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    Rolled threads or cut threads

    we've been producing Streamline Flying Wires (AN671-676) and Tie Rods (AN701-706) for almost 15 years, all but the earliest ones with rolled threads. The advantage of rolled threads goes way beyond the strength issue. Cut threads leave a stress riser at the shank end of the thread which on a...
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    Corby Starlet Airfoil

    according to the incomplete works of airfoils https://m-selig.ae.illinois.edu/ads/aircraft.html the corby uses a 43012
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    looking for flying wires on a biplane

    Hi Dana, Not too sure as mostly I get a request for 4 of AN674AC-7200, 6 of AN703AC-4800 etc. We've made just about everything from AN674AC-11000 (yes 11 inches long, rear fuselage streamline wires for a Sopwith Snipe) to 4.6 meters long 8mm wires for a 1923 Potez 25 for the French Air & Space...
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    looking for flying wires on a biplane

    How much us your life worth? Do you want me to quote in these streamline wires: AN674-1/4x28x71.88 PLC AN665-34 R&L 2 EACH AN674-1/4x2871.062 PLC AN665-34 R&L 2 EACH AN675-5/16x24x78.50 PLC AN665-46 R&L 2 EACH Additionally the -46 fittings are normally used for landing wires only and not...
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    What engine would YOU build

    Nope, 4 cylinders wont work. I had conversations with Pat Wilks about this. The barrel enginw is essentially a radial rolled up into a ball, but with the dynacam, you have six piston heads, so as pistonhead #1 is at TDC, so is Piston #7 which inrtroduces a dangerous rocking couple , so much so...
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    Move along - nothing to see here

    Why would you not want/like someone to share in your vision of creation? Is it a liability issue?
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    How many people are interested in a GOOD safe psru for the rotary?

    you might try Paul Lamar's website http://www.rotaryeng.net/ also there are a few planetary reduction drives being developed down in Australia and NZ,
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    Copy Right Infringement...in another country

    I dealt with this International Copyright issue some years ago, in the late 70's, only to find out that Russia. North Korea and Lesotho (small country in south africa) did not recognize the International Copyright Law. Take it for what it's worth