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    Propeller design question - Efficiency

    How is this? home designed ,home made for microlight. Hughie.
  2. Hugh Lorimer

    Tails. Pros and Cons

    All flying canard used on my Iolaire required advance tabs to give control "feel" and hands off cruise. Hughie
  3. Hugh Lorimer

    Interesting Aircraft

    Aeronautical Oddities Part 1 of 2 - YouTube Hughie
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    Discussion Thread: The design of a tailless flying wing

    Mike, any idea where? when? for first test?.of your wee "plank"......Hughie.
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    Low wing pusher configuration?

    Low wings can have problems with ground effect when landing, compresability can have an effect up to half span. Rear mounted motors need clearence (prop) when rotating, so be mounted higher then the thrust line must be directed to the CG to avoid neg. pitching?................Hughie.
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    How many of you guys fly RC Planes too?

    Not R.C. Cippola powered F.A.I Team Racer from 20 years ago. Best race time 3min 36sec...................Hughie
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    Composite ultralight question / thought

    I used this technique on three of my projects because I was on my own, all tested to BCAR Sect S. See Hugh's Flying Projects and photobucket handr2. Hughie.
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    Countersinking Lexan

    Try a negative angle (approx -4°) drill as sharpened for brass. Hughie.
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    Spar cap wing profile

    With built up spars taper is easy, and makes for a good fitting smooth joint. Also wooden spar caps (shaped) keep profile. Hughie.
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    Why Aren't There More Moldless Composite Planes?

    Some examples of mouldless composite light A/C. Tested to +6,-4g. The foam was EXTRUDED polystyrene.
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    Show us your homemade canopy skills

    Lexan 1.5 mm thick bent and a frame from 12 mm dia. alum. pop rivited on, side hinged. Double locked. Hughie
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    Power needed for a slippy UL to maintain level flight

    An early approximation of power requirement for an UL based on a BGR of 12:1 to 16:1 @ 40 mph, Hughie.
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    Incorporating shock absorber into spring only landing gear

    I used this type of u/c on my Iolaire main u/c Hughie.
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    Manual retractable landing gear designs

    Here is a dummy retracting nosewheel mock up I toyed with for a microlight...over centre, spring assisted locking knee Hughie............
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    How many of you have built or are currently building/designing a FULL SIZE HBA?

    Due to medical condition, toying with ground effect single seat machine. still at design (models) stage......Hughie.