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Hugh Lorimer
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  • Your flying wing... it looks suspiciously familiar...

    It would not happen to be inspired by the bloody wonder/funbat/etc, would it?
    Hi Ikaros, I am afraid I am unable to continue any development work as I now suffer from Parkinsons which is most disabling, but if you are interested in any of my projects please don't hesitate to get back to me and I will send you drawings and photos, as much as you want.
    any progress about your airplanes?
    i would like to seeit flying
    its a realy easy construction .pfa has no interest?
    konstantinos katomeris
    hi hugh! after many months!very interesting your airplanes! i am back i live in athens but iam from corfou island greece i fly ultralight aircraft (aventura -savanah-coyote) but dream to built in corfou a 2 seater seaplane . i like very much your builting techniques, i saw your website my email is catomeris@hotmail.com thank you! konstantinos .
    Do you sell plans/building manual for your "Quaich" airplane? I accidently came upon your web site and was amazed of the simplicity of your craft. I am about to embark on a task of building WWII Japanese Zero 1/2 size replica, but it might take me years to build it. With Quaich, on the other hand, it looks like the build could be accomplished very quick, and it even may qualify for USA FAR-103 Ultralight clasification (empty weight under 115 kg) wich does not require ANY licensing or medical insurance. Thanks.

    Hi Robert, I am afraid I have given up trying to legalise any of my projects in U.K. The system merely encourages illegallity. It seems to me to be a question of pension support? (theirs) There is a new team started up to try to sidestep the obstrctional ways of the authoraties, The EMAA European Microlight Aircraft Association. For more information contact Peter Kelsey at ferryair.worldwide@googlemail.com I am now suffering with Parkinsons so am unable to proceed with any further developments.
    best of luck Hughie
    Dear Hugh.
    I have been trying to contact you for some time now regards your frustration by the LAA/CAA to grant you a permit to test. I have built a Cassutt based racer and we have been grounded by the same technique. I think we need to lobby Parliament for a top down rule change to create an experimental category of our own. This however will be pointless as an individual excercise as one person will be dismissed as a nut case. If we can get enough like minded people together I think there is a chance to force the issue. Do you know any fellow sufferers who might be game for some politician baiting?
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