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    Bushmaster II

    It's been a few years since I posted on the site. The Bushmaster II is now for sale. You can view the build pics in my album. Here's the particulars. Silvaire Buhmaster II, Rotax 532UL DCSI, GSC prop, ASI, Alt, VSI, Comp, EGT, Volt, Tach, Water Temp, FL760 COM Radio, Sigtronics SPO22 Transcom...
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    Fabric covering

    Actually covering the plane with fabric was the most relaxing and rewarding part of the project, it gave the plane "its body". As for service life of the a hundred years it won't matter to me................
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    Fabric covering

    Heys Guys Finally got the lead out of my pockets (actually the runway has finally dried up) at 6:60am, put my pilot licence in my pocket, pulled IDOV out of the hangar, walk around pre flight check, 8 min warm up, taxi out to runway 27, check fuel, instruments, controls, seat belts, doors...
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    Serious Problem

    Thanks Voy I needed a good laugh today. Perry
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    CriCri MC-15 in NZ

    Hi Shannon Thank you for the detailed build thread. I look forward every week to the latest update. From a person of few is too bad that it takes tragedy or poverty to bring people together in todays world. As for damage, planes you can repair, people you can't replace...
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    Is this bad?

    Yes, get your license, be a role model to your grandson by showing him the proper steps it takes to enjoy this fantastic sport. It will be well worth it.
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    How old are you?

    51 4 years ago I figured I'd like to learn to fly, get my ultralight license, and build my own plane. This will give me something to do for the next 51................. Perry
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    It was now or never

    Yep, fully enclosed. "Doors closed, check" Yes, I sure notice the difference from summer flying. Prop bites a lot more at -10c ( t shirt weather around here ;-0 )
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    It was now or never

    Well, I finally had the experience of getting into my own plane, taxing out to my runway and..... The week before, my instructor handed me my Pilot Log Book and said "you're done, you've met all the requirements for your licence". My lessons were finished. It was now or never. It was Sunday Dec...
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    Fuel in spar?

    I've also seen where there is a 5" diameter pvc tube installed in the "D" cell that runs the full span of the wing in front of the spar. The fuel cap is on the wing tip of each wing. Perry
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    Wooden snow ski plans

    Would anyone have any idea where I could get a hold of some plans to fabricate some wooden snow skis. I've looked at water skis, but they're 2" too narrow and 12" too short. I'm looking for something around 8" wide and 5' long. Any suggestions? Perry
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    Fabric covering

    Sunday morning 10:30 am, overcast skies, wind NW at 7km, -7*c (t shirt weather). My instructor takes off on rnwy 27 with IDOV (Rotax 532, 68" GSC prop @ 12.5*) for the 2nd test flight. Results as follows: climb rate at full power 6200rpm = 800 ft/min, cruise @ 5500rpm = 70 mph, stalls @ 37 mph...
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    2 Cycle Sled Engine for Ultralight

    To add to Dana I would not want belt slippage - wasting HP, burning belt, unreliable What would the reduction ratio be I would look at a proven reduction drive Perry
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    Fabric covering

    Clear skies, +2C, crosswind from the south at 15km, noon. My instructor/test pilot took off on runway 27 for a 15 minute test flight. He says C-IDOV flies hands off. One thing he says I need to do is ground adjust the GSC prop to acheive 6500 eng rpm, right now it's only 6000 rpm. These pics...