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    The big video topic

    Love it. It reminds me the old Caproni C22.
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    Engines to replace the dominance of Rotax

    Nothing new under the sun. Already seen engines. Maybe the D motor might be interesting.
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    For Sale ZENITH CH 701

    I believe that it is obvious that where you live the light aircrafts are cheap as peanuts. 16,500$ and you can't find a buyer? Ok, I'd also like to get the full flying aircraft (not only the frame) but, seriously, the asked price is referred to a NEW fuselage, not a old, used aircraft, maybe...
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    Sloping runways.

    Just an addition: I didn't mention the density altitude. Usually, you find the sloping runways in places where the density altitude may be a concern. Don't forget it. But pay attention to this detail when the flare is coming. Search for Chamois on youtube. Fabri
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    Sloping runways.

    "Bien voler pour bien vivre" It means that if you want to have a good living time it is better you approach the flight time in the right way... That said I am waiting to try the nice runway in Chamois, located in Aosta valley. BUT: with the absolutely necessary help of an instructor that was...
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    HB engine

    If I am not wrong I just discovered these engines reading a post on this forum, some years ago. And, if I am not wrong, I had serious troubles to get in contact with the "company": it took a lot of time (can't remember , but it took lot of weeks) to get a 'simple' reply. I tried again, but I...
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    Hemp aircraft

    Really? This is the first time I heard about plastic made from soybeans in the forthy
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    Hemp aircraft

    http://www.lotuscars.com/engineering/eco-elise Nothing new under the sun. Lotus, a well known brand, already used it to make its car. There is a video on youtube showing Ford that hit a car(using a hammer) he made from hemp.
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    Walter Mikron

    You are right. The numbers are tiny. So the availability. What about the spare parts in such a scenario? The price also is not very attractive. And there is also another fact that might become an issue if not properly considered: the configuration of the engine. It needs a careful installation...
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    Are two-strokes worth a second look?

    Skilled guys using their bike in a skilled way. You are right: two strokes can perform well from low to high rpm. But people don't believe this fact because the companies are pushing different engines. I had a Montesa Cota 304 (time ago...); it was astonishing to enjoy the robust torque...
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    SOLO Aircraft Engines

    Ayou are right. They are not cheap. Anyway you have also to consider the whole thing. But, as I said, useless for me...
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    Are two-strokes worth a second look?

    There aren't a lot of two strokes because ... people think they aren't cool!!!! It isn't true that they are not reliable; rubbish. I met people that had logged more than 500 hours on their Rotax 503, and still running! Obviously no overhauling done! Why are you happy to run a four stroke at...
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    New Experimental Aviation Web Search Engine eabportal.com

    I liked the idea very much and I have tried it. Why did you put the 10 pages limit? Why can't it give back the main webpage about the searched topic? I mean that if I am looking for an aviation engine (now displayed on its own website) eabportal looks like it is unable to find it. It gives back...
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    SOLO Aircraft Engines

    http://aircraft.solo-online.com/index.php Some time ago I put a comment about Solo Aircraft Engines I had just found out. I was interested to put these engines on ultralight aircrafts (european ultralight). These Solo engines are NOT related to the "old" two stroke single cilynder Solo that you...
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    New Experimental Aviation Web Search Engine eabportal.com

    It looks like a nice idea. It needs to be visited ;)