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  • No one has come close to the tunnel design and or used any of its advantages, its just seen as twin hulls period !and the hull shapes also is not understood either!!! I have tried to make people look at and understand what is really happening with the whole of the tunnel concept!!! not one person has tumbled to what they are seeing or tried to understand why It is far superior to any mono hull , The boats designer SCOTT ROBSON was miles ahead of any tunnel designer and it took me quite some time working and building his boats before I to caught on to his secret and how he could achieve such beautiful boat for any kind of sea condition Fast, stable, smooth riding and very forgiving !PLEASE remember Tunnels are not cats !! they do not perform the same and there performances in the same sea conditions are as different as chalk and cheese .ON ONE HAS PCKED UP ON ANYTHING I BEEN ON ABOUT FOR MONTHS !! SO THE BRIGHT AND PRETTY PEOPLE ARE NOT REALLY AS BRIGHT AS THE APPEAR TO BE !!
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