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    Alex Strojnik inspects Mike Arnold's AR-5

    The Casio calculator watch part gave me a case of deja-vu - even as a kid my fingers were too big for the buttons 😂
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    Carbon Fiber Composites for ultra-light Aircraft Nordic 580 Masters Thesis Since nothing attached is that what you're referring to?
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    Unlimited Air Racing Dead?

    That and insurance costs... Hangar scuttlebutt is one of the local sonerais paid a heavy insurance bill just to race... Weeks race coverage was almost double my annual premium. Trent Palmer made a comment about insurance costs keeping him out of stol drags. If it's that bad on the small...
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    Well we're in the homebuilt world here :) I mean the gas cylinder can't be that crazy expensive every 10 years. So assuming <300$ costs every year - that'd leave it as a ROI if there's a reasonable insurance discount for having it.
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    Basic Configuration for a "Safe" airplane

    I wonder what insurance discount would be involved... Because that's actually pretty darn reasonable; assuming there's no insane $ associated with annuals...
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    What is this twin engine seaplane

    stealing dan johnson's pic ;) Now put floats high and tight on the FX1!
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Look at the coilovers - fox or offshore - there's engineering sheets out there; you can dial in your dampening/spring rates/rebound etc really easily... Pretty sure there are some excel spreadsheets to work out the rates/weights/hole sizes you'll need. It's fairly inexpensive way to go. I mean...
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    T-51 Mustang on Ebay
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    T-51 Mustang on Ebay

    Pretty sure there's another auction site showing it sold for about the asking price with avionics this summer. ;)
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Big difference - occasional use and minimal inspection and maintenance - against constant use and constant scheduled inspection & maintenance. I fear a gliders trailer will fall into the occasional use minimal inspection / maintenance ;)
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Look at Mercedes and BMW (oh and those 90s GM vans...) - range Rover has some Doozies too. Air compressors fail, load leveling switches fail, hoses leak, fittings fail - in the consumer car world they all get swapped out to non air ride technology.
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    UN hails end of poisonous leaded gas use in cars worldwide

    Yeah the UN announcement definitely made the fringes perk up and realize they can attack. My next vehicle will be an PHEV, those HOV lanes are always ok for electrics even if you don't have passengers, just need a sticker! That way I can bypass traffic like the rest of these tesla owners :)...
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    Who do I call?

    I could see the argument for the sonex electric flaps - my big mitt struggled with the factory handles spacing. But that's more model / sasquatch specific issues :)
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    Here it's all about that certificate of OEM + the factory data plate... Have a friend dealing with this, waited over 6 months for an RCMP officer to attend and 'inspect' (check to make sure it's not made up of stolen parts) - even though every single part down to the nuts and bolts had an...
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    Trailer Design - Resources?

    The biggest part is getting the axle located correctly & tongue weight right. Having helped at times with some off airport glider recoveries - some of the factory trailers are really poorly done too. Don't follow the path of dropped floor; you're probably going to want it taller - ever seen an...