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Live on E Coast of Australia. Rotary and fixed wing pilot, started in hangliders then gliding, ultralights, GA, commercial. Now work as designer/draftsman in construction industry. Design and build planes for a hobby.

Concentrating on the design/building of compact folding wing aircraft in light sport category. Lack of hangars is an increasing problem so folding wings are a benefit for storage/trailering.
Gold Coast, East Coast of Australia
Current / Future projects
Building a 2 seat, fabric covered, welded steel STOL aircraft with quick-folding wings to be able to trailer it or 'hangar' it in a shipping container. Started construction in January 2015.
Past Projects
Present project is no.18 in small aircraft, hanggliders first then single seat ultralights and now two-seaters. Have tried most construction methods and current preferred method is welded steel.