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    Wing Spar - design / bonding pultrusions

    Aluminum loves to go to aluminum oxide over time. Don't rely on it for bonding unless you anodize first and even then you have other dissimilar material issues to deal with.
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    When or how can a certified aircraft engine become "Experimental"? Also, once that happens, can the owner rebuild it themselves?

    As a former DAR let me request you put yourself in the FAA's position. There's a certified engine with a known safety issue. Hence the AD. The government doesn't want to be legally, ethically, or politically responsible for allowing this to go on an aircraft because it goes against their...
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    And that's the problem. "The not-invented-here dogma lives loudly in this one."
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    park a truck camper near Oakland CA

    I'm careful about what I share but Trevor has some videos of Daisy... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj7bG9mq8aTqRz8mPvWcq1g/videos
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    Raptor Composite Aircraft

    Jet787 thanks for sharing. It's good for sunlight to be on these types of projects so that investors can make informed decisions. This forum is becoming a place folks come for information so in the future we should assist investors with accurate design reviews. That's one of the issues with the...
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    park a truck camper near Oakland CA

    Thanks for all of the advice, that's what we're after. Trying to hit all the options right now. I certainly hear what you're saying. In my research I ran across this article from the City. For fun google map these Safe RV Parking sites ($600k each to operate) and then use street view to...
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    park a truck camper near Oakland CA

    Don't know much about CA but we may be going down there on and off for the next 8-months for my son's rowing training. Trying to get to the Olympics in Tokyo next summer. Anyone know where to sleep in a truck camper at night there? All self-contained. One of you have a parking place we...
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    Best Bang for the Buck STOL

    BFTB... V6 STOL aka Bushmaster. Converted Tri-Pacer. Use another engine than Blanton did.... maybe a hopped up Yamaha to keep it light.
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    Forum made EFI?

    Anyone know the cheapest (but reliable) fuel injection conversion for my boat with a 350 Chevy engine (Mercruiser)?
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    After market liquid cylinders for Lycoming engines

    Someone needs to take the historically empirical goodness of a Lycoming and upgrade it by copying what Rotax did with the incredibly efficient 912is. Liquid cooled heads, air cooled cylinders, dry sump oil cooled block, fuel injection with dual electronic ignition.
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    Not hijacking Bob's thread but it applies... I have a big 4-axis CNC hotwire that would make short work of a lot of the foam cores. Don't use it as much as I use to so should probably let it go to a new home. Travel of 4'x4'x8'. If you don't just do aero work then you can pay for it pretty...
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    Nails backing out of spar? (merged with "spar varnish" thread)

    I did an STC for Rainbow Aviation that replaced nails with screws for a series of airplanes. You might contact them for details and a fix.
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    What happened to the LT-1, why was work apparently stopped?
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    Single-seat ultralight puddlejumper: the "Carbonmax"

    A friend that is a really good pilot and has owned and flown numerous kinds of airplanes (ag planes,Tri-Motors, warbirds, antiques, numerous experimentals, etc.) said he'll never own another single seat aircraft because you don't have someone to share the experience with and you're too tempted...