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    Vision EX has been signed off.

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    Today is the day

    I was a commercial diver working off Cape Town that night. I followed the events by radio. I would come Up every 30 min to hear what was happening and go back to work again. After a few minutes I returned to the deck And said I was finished for the night as I could not keep my mind on job...
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    'Fess up. What do you weigh?

    I am 167, rounded up, voted 170.
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    Design review of the Dragonfly

    Hi, I am also interested in this aircraft. I would fly from my home and would store aircraft on a trailer in a very large garage. Is this practical? Or is the set up time hours instead of minutes. Do all dragonflys operate from hangers? Thank you
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    Ultralight Training Books - Please Recommend

    Please get a copy of Ultralight Aircraft by Micheal A Markowski. It is an old book August 1981, I needed this book as I had just bought a kit and couldn't wait to fly. Its all in the book! BUILD YOUR DREAM AND FLY IT! Also get instruction when you can! I also bought Ultralight flight...
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    Have you ever had an Ultralight/Kitplane Gear Drive Fail?

    No time with gears but several belt failures.
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    Mark Stull

    CAN DO MAN! Designer, Builder, Pilot. it is very hard to come to terms with what I have read today. My heart goes out to his family and friends. I only knew Mark from this forum. I was hoping one day he would come to Punta de Gallo and rattle my cage. RIP Mark. guyo
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    How old are you?

    76 years As a boy, I would hang around hangers and help/bother anybody working on a plane. Sooner or later I would get a ride around the pattern. In the early '50s, I was an aviation ordnancman with the 1st Marine Airwing flying out of Pohang dong Korea(K-3). We had Grumman F9F-5 panther...
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    200ft with 12ft obstruction

    Hi fellow menbers I am retired and live wayout in the boondocks. The 200ft is on a cliff 310ft above the sea. I donot want to make a down wind take-offover the sea, so I have to clear the 12ft obstruction with the prevailing wind on the nose. My weight is 168 lbs. The 200ft has a 1 to 2...