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We provide complete conversion kits and parts for the Yamaha Genesis 4-stroke engines, rated from 85 HP (detuned) to 150 HP (The Big Cahuna, the Full Monty, Mother Of All Engines in the 85-150HP class.) We offer complete, turnkey, bolt-on engines with PSRU redrive, or any portion of parts and kits, depending on your needs and application. ALL UP INSTALLED WEIGHT, including exhaust, PSRU, oil tank, air box, radiator and hoses, fuel pumps and electronics is 150 pounds!!! You simply cannot beat it, not with Rotax, Viking, Jabiru, Subaru, Kangaroo, whodeedoo...I don't care what you compare this to, even the other Yamaha Genesis 3 (120 hp) engine conversion kit that is out there - for twice the cost and twice the framing kit weight. And, what's better, is that our testing period had ZERO glitches. No clutch failures, no electrical failures, harmonic damping failures, no cracked and broken exhaust failures (vibration and mounting design shortcomings and mistakes). Nothing, nada, zip, zilch. We got it right, the first time, right out of the gate. This speaks volumes to our attention to detail and our expertise in engineering, design, fabrication and delivery.

You want to know, "Where did these guys come from?" We used to build and race Porsche GT1 monsters, winning 6 races beating factory cars and drivers who placed in class at Le Mans. We didn't just decide one day to start selling aircraft stuff, though. We built, flew, and tested our designs first, and now offer them to you.

Experimental Amateur Built and Experimental Light Sport Aircraft.
Atlanta, GA
Current / Future projects
We are currently working with engineers at Borg-Warner TEC, Morse, TEAM Industries, Applied Technology, and Warp Drive; prototyping a revolutionary PSRU (redrive) to be fully integrated into our (Patent pending) Yamaha GT4 conversion kit. This is a 12-pound redrive that literally bolts onto the cr
Past Projects
Air Command (trainer) Long Range Tandem (LRT) gyroplane. Empty weight 590 lbs. Useful load 660 lbs. Fuel capacity 25 gal. Fuel burn rate 3.5 - 5.0 GPH at cruise speeds. Range 325 Statute miles, with 60 mile reserve. Endurance 5 hours with 30 minute reserve. Cruise speed 55 - 80 mph. 75% power