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    Scarfing 1mm birch plywood

    Had to cut over 50' of scarfs for the wing skins alone (.0625"; 1.5mm), so I made a power tool set at 12:1 to rough it out, then refined it by hand with a setup like TiPi. Steel brush the joints to remove dust before gluing. Let the glue (T-88 in my case) soak in for 15 min and apply more if...
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    I-beam spar question

    Thank you. Yes, entire design. #1 goal - something different! 5400 hrs over a 15 yr period, not to mention countless hrs just staring at it wondering, 'How am I going to do this?'. Got help for the stress analysis and general design norms before construction. Borrowed ideas including Fisher...
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    I-beam spar question

    TJTX, Just finished my own-design all wood airplane. Signed off but hasn't flown yet, so take any advice with a grain of salt! Happy to help with techniques, things learned. GSport
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    Parts For Sale Firewall for RV-6/6A, 7/7A, 9/9A

    Untouched, factory RV-6/7/9 stainless steel firewall. $50 + shipping from CO, 80919 (Background: used the cowl for a one-off design, but made my own firewall, didn't need hole in center or flanges) [email protected]
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    Encouragement and product plugs for those wanting to paint at home

    My own design. Goal: something different. 2 place, UL Power 350iS, Airmaster electric prop, all-flying tail, full-span flaperons capable of reflex, GRS chute. Firewall 'just happens' to match an RV-6 (did not want to do THAT much glass work), and windshield is a cut-down RV-14 canopy. Truly...
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    Encouragement and product plugs for those wanting to paint at home

    Successfully doing fabric and painting in the basement which is open to the rest of the house (high-risk environment!). Using Stewart Systems for glue, fill and primer - hardly any odor for any of those (no topcoat yet). Using Eastwood QST 30/60 scroll compressor - very quiet, the claims of...
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    Is wearing a personal chute with a bail-out system acceptably safe compared to an airframe chute?

    I haven't seen anyone mention the ability of an inexperienced passenger trying to exit a disabled aircraft. This is one of the main reasons I went with a whole-plane chute (Galaxy GRS). After watching many videos of ballistic chutes actually being deployed, there were some where it was obvious...
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    tedium Part 3: the "stabilator"

    Welcome to the club!
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    GPS and ELT Antennas

    Thank you! (second part of the question) can the comm antenna also serve as the ELT antenna?
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    GPS and ELT Antennas

    Can the same WAAS GPS receiver serve as the GPS input to an ELT which has a 'GPS Interface', using a coax signal splitter? (I'm assuming it uses coax for that connection) Since an ELT is "never" used, can it's signal be routed thru the comm antenna, again using a splitter - rather than carrying...
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    Meathods for scarf joints in ply

    Here's what I made, inspired from an old EAA publication. (all MDF) Mount the drill at the desired angle (e.g. 12:1) with a threaded rod large enough to support a 2" diameter drum. A small steel tube "bearing" supports the other end. The outer fence is adjustable to allow for a deeper cut...
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    Personal Parachute vs whole aircraft ballistic parachute

    Foundationer, I agree, for single-seat an individual chute would probably be better and far simpler. For others still facing this question, I'm building my own-design 2-place and chose to go with the whole-plane chute. Rationale: 1) Many of the 'save' videos is what sold me - they never...
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    Sealing Plywood Wing Nose Skin

    Pictures may help. This was a 9' x 5' sheet of 1/16 birch, pre-soaked with towels top and bottom overnight, then squeezed into a 10' section of 3" tube (tried wrapping it on the outside of the tube, but couldn't get it tight enough) plus with the ends of the tube sealed I was able to soak it...
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    Ztron Lights

    Thank you Hot Wings! That's what I remember seeing. I just now typed in that exact address (except the 'manual.pdf') and got a blank page again. Hmm. Thanks for finding that!