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    Help in Diagnosing Strange Engine Operation

    I’d contact William Wynne or Dan Weseman. If they don’t have the answer you seek I’d be shocked. George
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    mixing approved species of wood

    Did you get your PM from me? I sent it about 10 days ago. I can likely help. George
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    Discussing Poplar....again

    William, Welcome. I see this was your first post. The idea of substituting in woods other than what is called for in the plans is a reacurring theme. Sitka Spruce, compared to box store Poplar, is rather expensive. But if you consider the OVERALL cost of the construction of an airplane...
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    Fastest Kit Aircraft I can Buy Now

    I agree that the NXT design is a fantastic race design. It was also designed as a two seat side by side conventional layout aircraft that several owners have had no intention of racing with, but instead as a personal plane. Granted, it is not an RV10 family touring machine. I think of it more...
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    Fastest Kit Aircraft I can Buy Now

    Yes that turbine legend is very fast at 350 and change. But keep in mind that this past week Jon Sharp has been knocking down records left and right with his turbocharted 540 powered NXT. Just yesterday he set the 3km record in c1b without his ADI and associated computer controller (to make...
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    Build it light and low drag ...

    I have been following their progress with the Anequim for quite a while. The records broken were all held by 0-200 powered planes. They were all fast planes, but clearly these records were to be broken once a lightweight, well designed, purpose built, slippery 0-360+ based plane made the...
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    Spruce or Fir supplier

    Oh I understand that quality Sitka Spruce is expensive, we use a good bit of the stuff. My point was taking an overall look at the cost of the wood needed for your aircraft design. Let's say, wild guess example, it would cost $2400 for Sitka, and you could save 1/3 if you went with HIGH...
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    Planes Flying on Corvair Power -2015

    I generally try to avoid commenting negatively toward another person's character, but let's just say that among the active fight corvair community members, Bill Clapp's reputation is universally known. And sadly it is NOT a positive reputation. George
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    Debate about Mark Langford's 3rd crank failure

    Fredoyser, Just in case you were unaware: From WWs site from 2005... "The harmonic balancer is a Dale Manufacturing rebuilt model we use on every engine we build." A handful of people have built and flown corvair engines without the balancer, but WW specifically recommends...
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    Spruce or Fir supplier

    I want to apologize for my earlier tone. That said, I might suggest that you contact the person who designed the aircraft you intend to build and ask him or her directly about substituting different woods from what is shown in the plans. It might also be useful to consider the overall cost of...
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    Spruce or Fir supplier

    It makes me very uncomfortable to see people suggest that cheap fast growth white or red spruce 2x lumber available at your local home improvement box store is a reasonable substitute for quality Sitka spruce. It's like claiming cheap mild steel is an acceptable alternative to 4130 chromoly...
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    Debate about Mark Langford's 3rd crank failure

    FLY5THBEARING.COM Look in the corvair section, then 5th bearing. This is Dan Weseman' site. He supplies the most popular of the 5th bearing designs. He is also the designer of the Panther aircraft, and quite a good aerobatic pilot with both the Sonex/3100 corvair combinatin and the...
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    Debate about Mark Langford's 3rd crank failure

    William, It's George Schuld, we met during CC17 (I ended up driving Dan Heath home with his new Roy built corvair engine in the back of my truck) and I spent some time loitering at Oskosh two years ago. I am thrilled that you decided to join and post here. I try to keep up both here and...
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    Anequim Project - the design of the world fastest four cylinder engine airplane

    Paulo, I was feeling your pain waiting for paperwork from the govt while your plane was sitting there ready to fly. It was great to know that your first flight went well. I have been following your facebook site from the beginning. The 308 project was inspirational and a great success...
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    experimental aircraft for business use

    This was sent to me a while back and others might find it interesting... I'm not an accountant, but I do own my own biz plus have dabbled in the real estate market as well. I have gone round and round with various tax professionals on this, so here's my 2 cents... Unless somebody has real...