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I grew up on the Jersey shore, sailing since I was a kid. went from sailing wooden boats to building them after college. Got involved in real estate in my early twenties. My parents own a bunch of rental properties so that was part of my upbringing. I bought my first house young, in good timing,

Small planes, though I've thoroughly enjoyed rides in an older Bonanza V-tail.
May 21, 1974 (Age: 46)
Toms River, New Jersey
Current / Future projects
I am working on a corvair powered KR-2s. Trying to make theplane as sleek and attractive as I can within the structural constraints of the original design. hopefully I will have computer modeling available of my up to date work on this site soon
Past Projects
I haven't built a plane yet, but I sure have built/restored a bunch of wooden boats to prepare me for the experience to come.