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    Flybike Wing Structure

    I did some searching before I asked. Nothing on this particular Beaujon topic, that I could find.
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    Flybike Wing Structure

    I suppose the KR2 wing is kind of like it, but I'm thinking especially of the epoxy-impregnated fabric as opposed to proper fiberglass. And it's been a bit, but doesn't the KR2 have a hollow, built-up foam core with compression members between the spars?
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    Flybike Wing Structure

    I didn't really know where to put this; it could just as easily gone in Wooden Construction or Composites. I was looking at the Beaujon Flybike plans, and they describe the wing construction as "made up of front spar, rear spar, and solid styrofoam. Entire panel is mirror finished with epoxied...
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    A Flying Flea in South Beach???

    And the Croses plans are beautiful. I have the plans for the Criquet, and they're very detailed and well-drawn.
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    A Flying Flea in South Beach???

    Well, I had finished the rudder and had the fuselage sides joined and several bulkheads in place, but there were a few things I'd like to do better. Since I found I didn't allow enough excess on the top of the plywood side at the front where it attaches to the lyre, I'm taking the opportunity...
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    A Flying Flea in South Beach???

    I don't know how much help I'll be, but I'm excited to have another Flea builder in the US. I'm gearing up to restart my Flea project.
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    Oshkosh 2021

    "I would think" lots of things, but it seems that many of those things have gone out the window lately. It's a pity TurbAero isn't coming; I live near Oshkosh, and could use a hand with my Flea project.
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    That strikes me as equally true of any three-axis Flea. Stalled left front wing, unstalled right front, unstalled rear wing is a combination I'd have to think through carefully. I'd be more concerned about having too much travel in the same idea applied to the rear wing, though; flying front...
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    If you used Daniel Dalby's approach to three-axis control and had separately-rotating halves of the front wing, it seems to me you could still make use of the Mignet style folding wings, because there's no cables or hinges running through that part of the wing.
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    In fact, I know I did not pick an option between conventional and trigear.
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    Tandem-wing LSA/microlight concept and poll

    I question whether most of the respondents would prefer a tandem-wing design at all, however. I wonder how the results would differ if this were a forum dedicated to tandem-wing enthusiasts.
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    2 Seater - solo build

    Not to hijack the thread, but what about the Onyx soured you on him? I've only seen pictures and been interested.
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    The AFB (Amazing FleaBike)

    The HM-293, like most recent Fleas, uses a NACA 23112. If you look at the moment coefficient, it doesn't change much except at extremes of AOA. It's what I'm using on mine. Of course, if you do the moving rear wing, that's probably less important, as you'll have plenty of pitch authority —...
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    F Storch

    I've got a backache today, and the clench factor that thread's video induced didn't do it any favors. I can see both sides of the argument that ensued: impressive that it kept flying through that, but a really bad idea.
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    Whing Ding and Souricette

    I think a lot of us would really appreciate it if that conversation could go on here; there's a lot of talk about the WDII from people who haven't had one, and your experience could be a good corrective to all the (mis)information out there.