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    Suitable steel for all brackets etc.

    I knew a guy that took the plans for a J3 Cub copy and substituted titanium tubing for 4130 tubing but I have no idea about the diameters or wall thickness changes or what exact titanium alloy was selected. He did say the result was lighter and stronger. He was a welder for an aerospace...
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    Hi there, a rookie first words…

    Guinart- If you made those 3D sketches yourself, what drawing tool did you use ? I thought they were very impressive. In the event you are limited by material availability and flying rules to just a glider that could be towed aloft for short glides, I would recommend a VJ-11 3-axis...
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    Airplane For Sale Fisher FP-202 Project PHX Craigslist $3000

    I liked the Fisher 101 more than the 202 but the full scale drawings make it very difficult to deal with !
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    I dont think many of the museums allow photos but if a photographer were to visit them and photograph all the planes, I would gladly pay for a memory stick full of photos taken in the museums. Dont forget the EAA museums in Florida and Oskosh though I am very mad that they have been removing...
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    If you are in Pennsacola, FL there is a pretty darn good aviation museum there. Dont miss it.
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    Can Dihedral wing Angle negate the need for Ailerons

    I know if you were in a deep stall in a high dihedral 2 axis plane that you could initiate some twirling behavior ( spin? ) by kicking in full rudder but it likely would straighten out by itself if you let go of the controls. A deep stall in a weedhopper was much like parachuting down and it was...
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    Can Dihedral wing Angle negate the need for Ailerons

    On the theory that no one should be flying ultralights if there is any significant wind, there was a large army of two axis Weedhopper pilots including me that would swear their planes were the best handling and easiest to fly ever. ( on calm days ) For several months (in around 1981) the...
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    Airplane plans inventory

    I would say that plans reduced to 8x10 or at least the drawings would be a good way to evaluate the plans and the plane somewhat without "being buildable" There are probably other ways to create an un-buildability by eliminating or reducing certain aspects of the plans etc.
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    The End of the Rotax 582 UL

    You may remember that Rotax modified the 503 as necessary to create the "508" 4 stroke engine and marketed in the USA for a while back in the 80s. It was a great motor but not nearly so profitable as the 503 so they quickly discontinued it. Every writeup said it was fantastic.
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    Jim Bede's Inflatable Wings

    From the looks of these things, the airfoils seem to be pretty precise and should have flown pretty well. Exactly what you would expect from Jim Bede
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    For those with an interest in the Goodyear inflatoplane.

    Jim Bede was the earliest that I know of to create an inflatable aerodynamic lift generating shaped wing paraglider type device. It was retangular in shape as opposed to the banana curve shape of todays paragliders.
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    Brock Avion

    Further, I think it highly likely that Ken Brock ceased production activities following the crash of the prototype.
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    Maybe the best UL wing design ?

    It looks like that spar design could support a cantilever wing without too much extra design effort. It seems to be a very sleek low drag design .... What was the typical empty weight of the plane ? Reminds a little of the Titan Tornado.
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    Maybe the best UL wing design ?

    The DSK company (Delta Sailplane Kit) was involved with the BJ-1 Duster before it expanded its product line and additionally began to kit Volmers VJ-24 hang glider while also producing a landing gear and motor propulsion kit as supplemental upgrades. The way the Honcho and Nomad came into...
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    Brock Avion

    Yes, they forgot to pull the static pin for the elevator in the pre-flight prior to takeoff. It was not deemed a black mark against the aircraft.