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    Saya dan teman-teman suka bermain pada Sbobet Indonesia dan memperoleh banyak sekali keuntungan
    Contrary to rumor the Gnat and myself are both still alive :)

    After a few years on hold due to health I have resumed work on the design. Thanks to a HP workstation from NASA (another design award) I now have a 4k Solidworks cad setup which is a incredible improvement from the way I was doing it before. I actually have been able to load the entire air frame instead of a few parts. That has allowed me to see a few places where I need to fix things and the ability to optimize the design.

    I will be adding more here as I go. In the mean time if you have any questions feel free to ask. My Gnat web page is still active so there is still information there as well. That will get updated/refreshed as I go (but not high on to-do list to be honest lol)

    Thanks to you guys who kept pestering me about WHEN will it be done lol. It helped.

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