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    Suatu hari ayah bercerita bahwa untuk dapat Daftar poker 88 kita harus melakukannya dengan cara yang benar
    Hi, I'm very interested in Sadler Vampire airplane. Can you send me the files you posted on rapidshare, the links are down and I really like the Vampire concept so any new information would be very useful to me.
    Thanks in advance
    Hi, Glass.
    Never used this HBA feature, so it might be a bit rocky.
    Might be do-able. Dothan, Alabama, is closest for me. And I can get the `coupe in there. Montgomery is in Class C airspace and I have no transponder.
    Dunno how much baggage you'll need. Since I'm camping the week (current plan) I will have a tarp, sleeping bag and air mattress. No pedals in my Ercoupe so there should be leg room.
    BTW - I have a Montana past. Air Force in Glasgow; 1963 to 1965.
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