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    Prize Money

    What device is this? I didn't think they were nominating winners yet.
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    Russian X14 Ultralight Plans?

    You may know about this already, but I found this russian forum thread with a bunch of pictures and information on the x-14 in it, not sure about plans though. Google Chrome's auto-translate works pretty well on it.
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    Prize Money

    I could build an antigravity device powered by the negative energy contained within this thread. Surround laptop with nozzle made of rosemary and eucalyptus and then attach lawn chair. Switch between tabs to control thrust.
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    Prize Money

    Small question. I just want to make sure you've factored the mass of the test pilot's cojónes into your equations. By my reckoning they're going to be roughly the size of soccer balls and made of solid steel.
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    Prize Money

    Judas Priest man, that's a bit much. How many other people come here with far-fetched ideas and then actually build something to try and prove they're not crazy? Excepting the Synergy guy, nobody. I know Manolis is very confident that he's going to be successful. Some might say overconfident...
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    Bolt on heli rotors for sailplanes/light aircraft

    The range of motion is different, helicopter rotors' hubs are fixed to the fuselage. The aircraft in the patent works (theoretically) for VTOL because it's appropriately powered and designed for such. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you have the idea that reducing the engine power of a...
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    Bolt on heli rotors for sailplanes/light aircraft

    It's a tiltrotor designed for VTOL operation.
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    Bolt on heli rotors for sailplanes/light aircraft

    Yes, but the air is also moving downwards at several times the speed it's moving backwards. Any part of the wing being impinged on by the downwash is going to be at a negative effective angle of attack and won't be producing any positive lift. When at cruising speed, the effective angle of...
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    Bolt on heli rotors for sailplanes/light aircraft

    Helicopter rotor-wash flows almost directly down from the plane of the rotor (at low airspeed), so it won't help wing lift like propwash does. In all probability, a helicopter with only 35 HP and wings obstructing the airflow isn't going to be super-anything, except disappointing. If I had a...
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    Bolt on heli rotors for sailplanes/light aircraft

    May I present the CarterCopter. (Edit: Photo is actually of the Carter PAV) I hear it works very well, but that's because it's a carefully engineered original design and not just a normal plane with a rotor "bolted" on top.
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    Building your own engine? Does anyone do this?

    I plan on making a model engine or two in the future, but my strategy is to obtain a good 3D printer and investment-cast nearly all the parts using printed patterns. Will require some finishing where tolerance is critical, but with accuracy that can go below 0.03 millimeters the rest of it...
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    Review of the Affordaplane?

    Isn't the idea of evolution that the more successful an organism is the more it gets to reproduce? :gig:. I suspect the only reason so many Affordaplanes even exist is that somebody trailered two of them into the same hangar and left them without supervision. They'd never be able to find mates...
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    Design/Graphics Computer Question

    I'm not very familiar with Apple computers, but I do know that the performance-to-price ratio is lower than windows machines, and the range of software available is smaller. The advantage is that (when it comes to laptops) they have extremely long battery life, they're smaller and lighter, and...
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    Jetpacks currently suck. What are the flaws, and how can we overcome them?

    Especially if they're delta wings that give you vortex lift. Though level flight would need to be faster.