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    So I though I would buy some books from the EAA.... silly me

    I particularly enjoyed this months issue with the lawn chair perched above the four Bass-O-Matics. And you're the bass. Looks like a hoot to fly.
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    So I though I would buy some books from the EAA.... silly me

    I recently read an article in SA about a garishly painted Cub clone. The word "build" was used liberally however I was never able to determine what the owner actually built. I use the magazine to weigh down the very light structures on my free flight models to take out the warps. I've been a...
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    LoPresti retractable wheel pants

    Gene Soucy flew a BD-4 into Flabob in the 70's with those wheel pants. He didn't care much for them. They were kind of odd looking on the ground with the doors open. I've thought about them often over the years and wondered why nobody had taken the time to develop them further. Soucy would be...
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    RIP Chuck Yeager

    I got an autograph from him at Oshkosh. He was hurrying to an event and blasted me for wasting his time. Got the autograph though.
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    Epoxy for vacuum bagging- thin infusion epoxy okay?

    Kevlar is a pain to work with but has some properties that may be attractive to you.
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    Epoxy for vacuum bagging- thin infusion epoxy okay?

    I would get in touch with the various resin manufacturers and ask for supplier samples. I have found most to be accomadating. Make sure you have a company name. Just make one up. Make it a good one though, it will follow you around. Also depending on where you live, many composite manufacturers...
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    Epoxy for vacuum bagging- thin infusion epoxy okay?

    I would not add anything to the resin. I would control the bleed with a barrier between the laminate and the bleeder cloth. Either teflon coated fabric or teflon film or both. With teflon film, cut SMALL slits, don't poke holes. Holes somtimes close under vacuum. Map and record how many and the...
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    R 4360 Wasp Major

    Ahhh, nothing sounds like a R-4360. Kind of sounds like an a animal being tortured.
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    Internal aileron linkage

    Torque tubes. Mount the aileron to the tube, arrange bearings on the rear spar, devise a control system to twist the tube. Used quite successfully on the Stephens Acro and probably others.
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    Long term integrity of resorcinol glue

    Scott, is it beyond the realm of possibility that a bit of the airplane could be sacrificed to address your concern? A dissected trim tab or control surface might be revealing and useful to other owners. Destructive testing means just that, so it will be important that its well planned. There...
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    Long term integrity of resorcinol glue

    I recently did a distructive test on a rib I built in 1965 with Weldwood Plastic Resin just for the hell of it. It has sat in an uncontrolled indoor environment with no varnish or coating of any kind. Hi humidity and +100/0 degrees F. Granted, no fatigue, however the glue lines remained intact...
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    Most Beautiful Aircraft Ever Built

    Mitsubishi AM6 Zeroooooooooo.
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    Bolt holes, burr and fatigue life effects

    My 1977 Cessna 150 had sawn edges on sheet metal detail parts, some poorly drilled holes and some generally crappy workmanship. It did spend time as a trainer and I sold it with 4,500 hours TT. Never saw a crack in the primary structure.
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    Wanted Flaglor Scooter plans

    I'd like to get a copy as well. Gerry Patrol #30
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    How old can you be to start a new aeroplane project ?

    I'm 73 and an in the middle of a Bearhawk scratch build. Been scratch building planes since I was 18. Don't care if I finish, I do it to stay mentally and physically fit. I'm 6' 175, dog walk two miles a day, lift some weights and build airplanes every day. For me it's a happy life. My wife will...