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    Treated wood could be as strong as CF?

    The article said 1/6 the weight of steel so 1300 kg per m3 . Spruce is 450 so nearly 3 times as heavy
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Family member got a 1960's vw as a first car. Never checked the oil because it was a vw and nothing under the hood needs looking at.Started knocking and nowhere to stop so went another half mile until clear of traffic. When it died this is what was jammed between the top of the crankshaft and...
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    Yamaha Apex internal gear reduction.

    Me too but not enough for that mission.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    The budget constraints suggest there aren't that many now.
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    Drivetrain Power Loss

    It seems that a lot of motorcycle dealers call the gear housing that contains the crown wheel and pinion a differential even though there are no spider gears and only one output.
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    Drivetrain Power Loss

    I have read the to and fro comments and think the main difference that is not taken into account by dangerzone is tyre loss on a dyno. Axle mounted dynos prove this. Read here.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    I think when the chute is needed there will be very little horsepower.
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    Spark redundancy.

    An interesting motor that doesn't follow these rules. 4 valve overhead cam w12 from the 1920's era.
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    Spark redundancy.

    Most or all of this is sorted by using a properly tuned aftermarket computer. There are still suitable motors available without vvt and multivalve. Small auto conversions typically rev at about 5000 rpm for takeoff and a bit less for cruise. Most LS conversions leave out that stuff anyway.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    Vickers Wave seem to be doing this.They have now registered the plane but no update on website. They appear to be developing the plane as a sideline to an existing business.
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    Prop shaft

    A hydrostatic drive system from a small tractor might suit. This system has been used in aviation before. The Sperry Rand ball turret drive used this system. One lever controlled speed and direction. This unit weighs just under 10 kilograms.
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    Airplane plans inventory

    What condition are the Jodel ones in?I borrowed some to restore a D9 but parts were unreadable.
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    10/23 Raptor Video

    When I decided to build an aircraft I went to the pre build course run by SAANZ. The first thing I remember presenter Bruce Cooke saying was that you don't know what you don't know. A very well run weekend.
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    pics from failed Autofight PSRU

    Is this the same gearbox from this previous post?
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    Stitch and glue (or tack and tape) airplanes?

    400 grams per sq m .(200g cloth 200g resin)