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    Impractical fun planes you would build if you had the time and money?

    I was hoping we could keep to aircraft you actually could build in a normal life span with a normal shop if you had the free time and the funds, but being HBA everything seems to slide deep into the land of fantasy.
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    Impractical fun planes you would build if you had the time and money?

    Sounds fun.... Care to elaborate a little more? Looks like it could be a hand full to fly, another reason why it goes in the impractical category.
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    Impractical fun planes you would build if you had the time and money?

    Seeing as I don't have the time with work to even build one plane, when I finally get the time to start I feel I need to pick something that can do as many missions as possible. If I had the time to build 3 or 4 planes I would love to build a knight twister. It would serve no purpose other than...
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    ICeU SPECTRES Kickstarter project

    I'll take one of those 260hp/160lb n/a engines. Also a little confused by their motto: intercept, confront, euthanize ???
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    Another private pilot and a hated 150

    Congrats... One day you'll look back on that 150 with love...
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    Why do engine related failures cause fatal crashes in fixed wing aircraft?

    I think the issue is a lot of private pilots don't really make any effort to improve their skills and treat flying much like driving a car. I would bet if you look at the types of flying pilots involved in engine outs do, those that fly aerobatics, or fly in the bush or do other type of things...
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    Grand Spree R

    A wish a few companies would take some time to "beautificate" their designs....
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    Another airliner missing

    I would estimate it to be higher than that, but either way still stalled.
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    Another airliner missing
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    Another airliner missing

    Flight data recorder shows crew shut down good engine. The aircraft stalled 6 seconds after the first engine failed, and another video from a rooftop shows it falling in a nose high attitude before passing the buildings.
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    Another airliner missing

    Do airline pilots not train for a failure of all engines? There's been more than one airliner that has landed successfully with all engines inoperative. Even if both engines failed the aircraft should not have stalled seconds later if the pilots reacted correctly. A gliding plane covers a lot...
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    Another airliner missing

    The lack of doing anything to maintain airspeed is what puzzles me, seems like both pilots were dealing with the engine failure and no one was flying the plane.
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    Coax helicopters

    Without power isn't a coax reliant on rudders for yaw control?
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    What Should I Build?

    Not sure the prices on the Subaru or rotary options, I'd imagine all in with psru they aren't substantially cheaper than the lycoming, but overhaul would be much less. It it takes a certain amount of power to carry a specific load with a given performance. The sonex achieves near rv...
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    What Should I Build?

    Sonex claims 170mph true at 8000'. I've read they match the factory claims with a cruise prop. Seems your mind is pretty set against the rv. Just wanted to point out that you don't have to run a lycoming in a rv any more than than you have to run the $20000 jabiru to have 120hp sonex.