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    What Happened To...Le Pelican

    There still exists a Le_Pelican_Ultralight in Yahoo Groups I started 9 years ago. Has some good stuff.
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    For Sale Lowrance Airmap 1000 GPS

    Check availability of NEW map data. Think this is now unsupported.
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    Most folks using these engines put them at about 43 hp. In the military documentation for them the engineers tested them and got 35 hp, but this was stock and with the loading of the big cooling fan. One man who is very experienced with these feels he is getting ~50 hp as he has EFI on it.
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    For Sale Cleaning out the hangar....For Sale!!

    hey! I'm interested in the Kaw engine. Still have it? Is it on eBay? Didn't see it there. GeoB
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    DIY Two-Stroke Engine

    This sounds interesting! Do you have details posted anywhere? Are these 2-strokes? What kind of fuel efficiency do you get? GeoB
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    DIY Two-Stroke Engine

    I think that is what he was trying to say without writing a huge treates on it. Typically it doesn't, not in motorcycles anyway. I can provide some more detail. I have always wondered why they didn't wind tighter... I am wondering if 2-stroke internal pumping losses are greater than for a...
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    Need free ultralight plans, and guidance

    There is a plane, the Beaujon Enduro, that is similar to the plane you wanted. The plans have been given to the public by the author. You can get them at the following link. I think you have to join the TBUC forum 1st...
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    Need free ultralight plans, and guidance

    NO plans available yet. Promised before July. GeoB
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    Mountian Flying

    I was hoping the same, for Central and Southern California. GeoB
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    Handheld (non aviation) GPS with aeronautical data

    Once in a while I look through Craigslist for an aviation GPS. Sometimes I find good sounding deals. Coupla weeks ago I saw one for sale, fergit the model, for $100. It had airspaces, airport data, and a few other things i don't know nuthin about. $100 is a lot of money to me, I think hard...
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    Le_Pelican_UL group at Yahoo

    I have started a Pelican UL group at Yahoo "Le_Pelican_UL", as a sort of 'Pelican Central'. I welcome all interested people. Bring your pics, plans, construction manuals, your interest, experience, imagination, engineering or backyard mechanic skills. We have a great start but are hoping for...
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    Ultralight/LSA engines

    Have you looked at the Legal Eagle? It is designed around the 1/2 VW engine.
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    What Happened To...Le Pelican

    Le Pelican yahoo group starting Hi! You are WELCOME to join the new Yahoo! group I am starting, at: Le_Pelican_UL : Le Pelican ultralight. I am hoping most of the folks interested in the Pelican will join. Thanks GeoB
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    What Happened To...Le Pelican

    see attached
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    What Happened To...Le Pelican

    <snip> > The Le Pelican flew (supposedley) quite well on it's 18 HP B&S engine so my '042 may be a good substitute. I'd think the B&S is close to the 80# mark, like my '042. I haven't seen any weight figures so that's only speculation. Lynn From Beaujon Aircraft Enduro plans, Briggs 16 hp @...