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    Using Epoxy To Seal Wooden Wings and Fuselage

    I seal my wood with stitts poly brush! After fabric covering the first coat of poly brush wetted the poly brush on the ribs giving it extra adhesion. Mixing hardware store varnish and fabric materials are a deadly combo. the final FAA report on Steve Wittmans accident was a repair was made...
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    Lift Strut and Cabane Strut loads

    the center of pressure (lift) of the pietenpol aircamper wing is 33% of the cord
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    Briggs & Stratton 993cc "Big Block" engine conversation thread

    Hi Ya all, I'm new to this web site. I'd like to add to some of the notes that caught my attention. The engine outs with the 447. We had a guy retired and bored thought it would look better to mount the fuel pump stationary on his CGS hawk he was 5 rows of potatoes short of making the runway...