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    Kimbrel Banty group.

    In case you haven’t seen this. Lots of build pics. I like the Banty much better with the “cub type” gear this guy has added. I was thinking grove type would be simpler. You might be able to buy one pre made from Simplex aero ( Zing and Cloudster).
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    Roger Mann is building a new, affordable Ragwing ultralight.

    Banty an ultralight folding wing all wood aircraft from the 80s….
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    Leonard Millholland is about ready to release Briggs conversion plans

    Kind of thread drifty but here are some tiny generators for small engines. The one spec sheet I looked at it was less than a pound. 300-400 watts output depending on RPM. No idea of cost or availability in the USA.
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    Parts For Sale for sale Garmin GTN 750

    Stein at Steinair avionics offers a service where he is a neutral 3rd party for expensive avionics transactions. The seller sends the equipment to Stein, he checks it out and if as described advises the buyer to send payment. After payment clears Stein sends product to buyer. Even suggesting...
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    Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23hp build

    The Briggs “Alternator” I believe is more technically a permanent magnet generator so the output is directly related to the speed that it spins. A true Alternator has a variable field voltage that allows it to generate current (somewhat) independent of speed. When (if) I build up a Briggs V twin...
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    A 4-stroke for my mini-cub?

    Probably way too heavy at 125lbs but it’s a 60 hp 4 stroke.
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    Discusion Thread: Raceair Skylite Build and sub-kit developments

    the plans call for .500x .035 longerons. The diagonals are .375 x .035. I think there are a few places that call for .625 x .035. The half inch stuff is very pricey right now. I think spruce wanted over $13/ft. when I was shopping earlier this summer. I ended up buying 5/8 Docol for less than...
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    Leonard Millholland is about ready to release Briggs conversion plans

    That neat little parasol that billyvray posted the YouTube video of Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 23hp build looks like it would be similar (drag wise) to a Skylite so maybe a Skylite could do without the redrive? Propping it to keep it within its 3600 standard operating Rpm could mean no...
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    Leonard Millholland is about ready to release Briggs conversion plans

    I’ve got to wonder if we haven’t come full circle and are back to the 1/2 VW? $5125 for a v-twin Briggs that will be roughly 30hp (screaming along running a redrive) and weighs 87 lbs . A Scott Casler direct drive of 32hp (3600 rpm) weighs 85 lbs. and costs $3700. To make this a more equal...
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    How to convert E-LSA aircraft to original Ultralight classification

    I’ve been thinking of doing the same (someday) that is flying an ultralight capable aircraft as an EAB to build tail wheel time then deregistering it and fly it as an ultralight. I think If you look at 103-7 it just says you can’t have it be both a registered aircraft and an ultralight at the...
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    Discusion Thread: Raceair Skylite Build and sub-kit developments

    I’ll bet the changes you describe won’t weigh much more. Probably less than a pound. I’ve already gone 4 lbs over due to going with thicker wall on the front spars. I’ve been pondering ways to recover some of that. One way that looks promising is to use titanium bar stock for the landing gear. I...
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    Portable ADSB-Out...?

    Proppastie is correct. The thread he linked is a couple of years old. Garmin modified their code so when it detects the Anon mode switch set to Anon it doesn’t transmit your ICAO at all, not even at startup.
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    Portable ADSB-Out...?

    Well sure you can have as many as you can afford… I just meant that there is some wording in the rule that says you can’t turn ”off” an installed system. I think there is still some speculation that that intent could be interpreted to mean that you can’t uninstall a system for “convenience”. I...
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    Portable ADSB-Out...?

    Proppastie, what you are suggesting might work. What you are doing is uninstalling/ installing an ADSB system. That‘s not a portable ADSB system. You would want a separate PAPR report for each aircraft. As long as you stay in the the mode C veil you don’t need to talk to anyone and can run in...
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    ADS-B and Part 103

    I believe that getting an active N number (not just reserved) requires an airworthinness certificate. If so then Part 103 prohibits having an ultralight with an airworthiness certificate. From 103-7, 11. c. “No Airworthiness Certificate. An ultralight cannot be operated under Part 103 if it has...