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    Offset Marking Tool

    Seems like a simple example for a DIY tool.
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    Useful links engineering, metalworking, woodworking, calculators ADVANCED ENGINEERING DESIGN LIFETIME PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY Chapter 1: Reliability engineering Chapter 2: Failure modes of machine elements Chapter 3: Fatigue failure prediction and prevention Chapter 4: Rolling contact...
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    Franklin engines: any good?

    Possible candidate, Considering persistent opposition to 2 strokes, I believe this Franklin engine might just be the ticket for eliminating all those pesky engineering headaches. Of course fitment in a wooden air frame might present some engine mounting problems. Considering the relative...
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    Raymer applied in UAS

    If you are not an aeronautical guru and would like to see how a bunch of college students make decisions to build a "Drone" click the link below. These students follow Raymer's gospel and confirm their selections with equations just to verify Raymer really knows what he speaks. Such exciting...
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    25 of the most beautiful planes ever built

    All these aircraft no matter how powerful or streamlined don't hold a candle to Wright Brothers flyer. Just image what that fragile little plane with a homemade engine did for all those who followed.
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    I just can't compete with young pilots, seems their getting younger everyday!

    Well it seems we old timers have to face the facts, the young folks are getting a head start we never had: :gig:
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    Aviation Oppertunity Design & Build Drone Prototype

    I agree the fix is in the military complex is already counting the days till the IFB (innovation for bids). The fix is in the FAA is just being used to bless the process.
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    Holy Cow! Giant Model Airplanes

    Example of what size my models in the 50-60's look like, and this was an average large model follow by the 21 century models: Duh, I thought a model airplane was usually sized to fit in a car and that went for gliders too. Since I don't have access to a wind tunnel, I plan on constructing a...
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    MH170 and aircraft tracking on oceanatic flights

    As a radar repairman in the 1960's we all knew tracking over water is a hit and miss affair. Water vapor and air temperatures frequently did weird things to the radar pulses, ditto for shortwave radio. I'm totally confounded that commercial aircraft engines/aircraft systems are monitored via...
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    2 stroke engine @ 55% or 4 stroke at 80%, which is better?

    It's common, rule of thumb, to rate a 2 stroke using a 1.6x factor i.e. 100cc 2 stroke would require a 160cc 4 stroke for parity. It's well known the 40% loses in 2 strokes is due to induction and exhaust losses which result in devouring fuel. This increased fuel consumption is what 4 stroke...
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    Finally the ultimate light weight and almost free aircraft covering

    One of my vices is Blue Bell French Vanilla ice cream, a man has to have at least one sin. Fortunate for me my sweetie notified my next door neighbor she was going on a cruise and to make sure I was still breathing. While I'm house sitting her two beakosaur's macaws and my two hot dogs. Henry...
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    Malaysian airlines missing plane

    All good points yet, lets reexamine where we are at today. 99% of modern elevators are digitally controlled should we use the stairs? If you elect not to have ON-STAR and other online services which interface with your car's electronics then just how are you going to corrupt the EEPROM or PIC...
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    BMW R1200 motorcycle engine

    I agree the BMW boxer is a great engine yet, if you check out most other brands I believe your going to see a big change to liquid cooling. Yes I know it's being considered for an aircraft power plant the trouble is precise head and cylinder temperature regulation. Just how many auto's engines...
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    Practicality of an ultralight glider...

    Please excuse my late arrival, in your original thread you indicated you were interested in constructing an ULG. Several replies have suggested you investigate a true sailplane at a nearby club. I too considered this since most sailplanes aren't self launching especially in flat countryside...
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    Robin ultralight

    My last read indicated B&S engine would exceed ULM weight by an insurmountable amount. Mark indicate he was returning to original engine a 30HP+ 1 lung 2 stroke w/PSRU. Ed