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    Converting Certified to Experimental

    I have been previously counselled by my FSDO... can't happen... no loopholes... end of discussion.
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    single rotor for sale??

    I'm hoping to find a guy that's tired of his project instead of paying Dave full price.
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    coil on plug vs coil wires

    Skeeter... you missed it completely... I mount it on the motor mount... so it's isolated from the engine. N263GB
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    single rotor for sale??

    any one know of someone trying to sell their single rotor rotary??
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    coil on plug vs coil wires

    I choose to NOT hard mount a coil on a vibrating engine... either remote or on the spark plug... I prefer to put the coils on a solid motor mount, and even then, out of the way of the belt's plane of travel.... I've even seen a belt come off and take out the spark plug wires when they crossed...
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    Jet A1 in a Rotary

    Sorry to bring up yet another old thread... one of our gyroplane friends is using gas in his mazda 12a to start, and then get the engine hot, then switches to Jet A after just a few minutes... it's already a proven entity for flying guys!!
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    What kind of auto engines have about 20-30 hp and at least 3 cyclinders?

    I would have thought that the AIXRO XR50 Rotary would have been the ULTIMATE answer... at 33 lbs, and 50 hp... you can ALWAYS throttle back if needed!!
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    Reduction drives

    I've seen many a belt get thrown, and several "boxes" with spur gears get eaten up... I'll stick with the C6 planetary... It worked without a hitch on my mazda 12a, the subaru 2.2, and currently on the subaru 2.5.
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    which auto engine can run at full power for long periods?

    My Mazda bridgeported 12a was dyno'd at 209 hp at 7500 rpm... and would do that all day long with a 2.85 PSRU. The tandem gyroplane was ALWAYS flying "non-stop" at the fly-ins giving rides!! I'm looking forward to peripheral porting a renesis on my next tandem gyro I build. Again.. I'll spin...
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    About gyroplane or helicopter

    I use my Zodiac for travel to "Get there"... and I use my tandem gyro for taking people for local rides... I use my single gyro for local pleasure.