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  1. Gary Hogue

    Hand-thrown Airframe Parachute

    Thanks, I'll give them a call. I'm planning on getting the Bloop in the air late-spring/early summer, so I'm trying to get these final odds and ends lined up.
  2. Gary Hogue

    Hand-thrown Airframe Parachute

    It appears High Energy Sports is no longer in the parachute business. Mr. Sandlin references their Quantum 22 gore in both the Bloop and the latest Bluebird. In the case of the Bloop, the Quantum 440 (max total suspended weight of 440 lbs.) was specified. Does anyone know of a source or substitute?
  3. Gary Hogue

    Tell us what you are building!

    Being seen is an important safety consideration, so a high contrast color scheme makes sense. Do people feel instinctively when they're being watched; a hard-wired prey/predator thing? Some believe that moths with eye patterns on their markings use this deception to deter birds. Since our fear...
  4. Gary Hogue

    Tell us what you are building!

    Thanks for the kind words. Mike did post a picture of mine (rudder pedal) about two years ago when I'd just started. He has a link to the Google Photo album where I post my pictures, but not sure if he necessarily still follows it. In fact, he may have disabled it due to too-frequent...
  5. Gary Hogue

    Tell us what you are building!

    Started my Bloop 4 build almost exactly 2 years ago. Covering the wings now at a rate of about 3 weeks per wing; 3 down, 3 to go. If I can be of help, don't hesitate to ask.
  6. Gary Hogue

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    Four tail pieces covered and primed about six weeks ago. Just finished covering one of six Bloop wings; ready for primer.
  7. Gary Hogue

    What did you do on your airplane project today?

    This digital temperature controller worked well for me. Temperature can be monitored from outside, relay turns light on and off based on your selected temp.
  8. Gary Hogue

    Source for 2024 tubing?

    onlinemetals Currently $99 for 72" length
  9. Gary Hogue

    The concept of a flying car will eventually succeed

    Once they become ubiquitous a proper name will emerge. For now, perhaps best to go with, 'Flying Horseless Carriage.'
  10. Gary Hogue

    Painting with latex house paint

    I assume that's the Take Off/Land switch. Using EMT conduit would provide additional wire protection - especially in case of a prop strike. That way you'd still be able to land.
  11. Gary Hogue

    Almost the same, as flying !!

    Socrates: "By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher."
  12. Gary Hogue

    Wanted Sky Pup Plans

    FWIW, That picture just showed up in the Facebook Sky Pup Ultralight group yesterday - as an example of an unsafe modification.
  13. Gary Hogue

    Sky pup?

    How about the addition of Cousandy flaps ala the Pou du Ciel? Koen of has elaborated on that here.
  14. Gary Hogue

    Peter Sripol is at it again...

    I liked his explanation about the catastrophic failure survival rates at various altitudes. His manner is light and engaging, but he is clearly a thoughtful man.
  15. Gary Hogue

    Aluminum Temper Loss Through Grinding

    In using 6061-T6 aluminum angle and 6063-T52 channel, I've wondered how much heat is too much when grinding a radius onto a part or taking small amounts off of an edge. There are charts that talk about holding at given temperatures for a specified time and the resultant loss in temper. But I'm...