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  1. Gareth

    For Sale Antenna cable, RG-400

    will you send some to australia please
  2. Gareth

    Engine mount longeron bolts

    The solid steel(mild steel) round bar with a 6mm flat bar welded to it is used on a australian kit Morgan sierra over 50 flying with many different engines installed, uses 2 3/16 bolted through longerons as described in my sketch and 1 1/4 bolted through flat bar to engine mount and even when a...
  3. Gareth

    Engine mount longeron bolts

    Hi all please see hand drawn sketch of proposed bolts to longeron for engine mount support, what is the best material to machine these 4 bolts from Cheers Gareth from Aus
  4. Gareth

    Video series on TIG welding thin wall aircraft tubing

    I am 72 and getting on the floor to work on my build is labour intensive ,can get down ok but twice as long to get up ,both knees are needing inserts, back is aching ,shoulders aching no fun getting old but we just suck it up and get going, takes twice as long to the heavier stuff done just...
  5. Gareth

    Laser cut 6061-T6 ? or use a router ???

    I had all my 6061 t6 spar sheet watercut sharp edges but 80 grit sandpaper on a hand polisher works fine it was 2.3mm thick for main web spars and 1.6mm for rear spars easy as
  6. Gareth

    How old can you be to start a new aeroplane project ?

    I am 72 and on my second build , i do something on the build everyday ,as others say build a proven type and add your own cosmetics to suit you, your never to old to learn and always ask others( especially on this forum) if there is something that is out of your scope ,age is a number ,if your...
  7. Gareth


    Hi All, I have a Electronics International fuel flow/pressure gauge with a gold fuel flow transducer is this suitable for a 160hp(Ej25 sohc ) it say,s in specs that a return line from a carburetor need a function module and another fuel transducer is this the same for fuel injection thanks...
  8. Gareth


    HI All , has anyone have a drawing for an engine mount for Subaru 2004 EJ25 for fw similar to rv 6 Thanks Gareth from Aus
  9. Gareth

    Could I do this aviation job?

    I am now 72,still get to do paid work, no engineering quals as such but was a boilermaker and moved about to jobs before setting up my own eng company,most paid jobs now are 1 to 2 weeks managing a small project ,i retired at 62 self funded retiree,am now building 2nd aircraft, there is usually...
  10. Gareth

    Any Aussie here?

    Hi george , no its side by side and thats 1.2 mtres at shoulders might catch up for coffee and talk aircraft after new year ,0412722621 Cheers gareth
  11. Gareth

    Any Aussie here?

    My own design ish slightly rv but different wing profile and built for comfort ie 1.2 at shoulders and long range fuel tanks with gull wing doors and baggage room aplenty
  12. Gareth

    Any Aussie here?

    Brisbane based building again
  13. Gareth

    Strip feed rivets.

    I want one of those seems like a very quick way of riveting
  14. Gareth

    Carbon fibre

    Thanks everyone you have answered my question, seems to much work for carbon system so will go with aluminium,cut to length,insert end threaded plugs ,bolt or rivet ,screw rose joint in and finished ,did 1 today after measuring it took 7 mins to finish cheers gareth