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    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    Watched the video, great stuff. You have no flaps currently?
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    What do you think about a homebuilt designed Ercoupe?

    Yes, I love the way the canopy slides into the hull +++ There was an STC for the original for folding wings, re-imagine that like the Sonex Dual stick, wider cockpit, LSA . . . I could go on, just make sure it looks like the original too !!!
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    New Wagabond builder

    From the Wiki: The wings are the same as the Wag-Aero Acro Trainer and are built with spruce spars, wooden ribs and covered with 2024-T3 aluminum sheet. Anyone know how the aluminum sheet is attached to the wood ribs? I often wondered if anyone was using metal to cover a wood wing, here you go.
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    Does a Predator 670 have enough power to fly a Hummel Ultra Cruser with a 200-pound pilot?

    My dad flew behind a 1/2 VW for 500+ hours. He's 6'2" 180lbs. I believe it was a 37hp. Never a complaint of lack of power or anemic rate of climb
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    Hummel is flying an Ultracruiser with a Predator

    Add a ballistic chute and should have some weight left for a canopy, maybe even a small battery
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    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    Reasonably sure a wholly cast spar is a no go. Has anyone ever built up a hybrid? Was thinking riveted extruded angle or strips in key runs to sure up the cast part.
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    Canadian Homebuilt in USA

    eBay: Christavia Mk1 Anyone have experience buying an experimental that was built, registered and flown in Canada, then registering it in the USA? Also, assuming everything else is LSA compliant, can you list the gross weight as 1320# on the FAA paperwork. Seller says 1500# but unknown if that’s...
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    Bloop Nearing Flight: Hearing Protection

    The folks who shoot use plugs and earmuffs, it works.
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    Engine Sound Matching for WWII Replicas

    Have you given any thought to the sound? The radial on your prototype has that correct sound. I'm wondering if there is a way to power with a higher reving auto engine and plumb the exhaust somehow to get a deeper sound. That and how to get a four to sound more like a twelve.
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    Van's announces highwing RV-15

    That is a beautiful aircraft
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    Active Fuel Management / Cylinder Shutdown: GA Potential???

    The Cessna Skymaster can run on half its cylinders. ha
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    Places to manufacture kits
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    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    watched all the videos, great first flight
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    LiteFighters: P-40/P-36 and beyond

    Congratulations. The way you guys are developing this is great, keep up the good work.