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    Flying wing as cheap and simple option for basic fun flying.

    Mike Whittaker's 'plank' is up and running in the UK....
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    What aviation news, blogs or e-mail newsletters do you actively read?

    AvWeb and get the EAA magazine online, and here in the UK, Light Aircraft Association's Light Aviation magazine, Pilot and Flyer too.
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    Wanted Walter Mikron

    Walter Mikron - in demand! Since posting my offer to Colin, I have received calls from as far afield as Australia and Spain as well as the UK, regarding these engines! I'm sorry, but to be fair to Colin and others, I think I can regard my supplies as now exhausted! New Mikron III / LOM...
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    Wanted Walter Mikron

    Re: Wanted - Walter Mikron I have two spare Mikron II units for my Tipsy Trainer. I think I spoke with your father at Halton earlier this year. Drop me a PM or e-mail ss@kingpinmedia.co.uk Steve